søndag 30. november 2008

The PARTY was Great!! :-)

…. in fact is was so much fun, that I forgot to take pictures of the food!

seb og party 030

but I got a couple of the dessert/cakes

seb og party 029

notice this little fellow, a mini santa sittin’ on the cake… he was so cute……

seb og party 029 (2)

and my friend got him on her piece.. but she never had the heart to EAT him, so I placed him on the candle stick holder… and took a picture.. that I think came out really great!!

seb og party 039

Most of these people that I partied with, don’t much care for getting their picture on the web… so I have edited them out of the picture.. so you get only ME! hehe..

seb og party 031 (2) seb og party 032 (2)

But this one is fine.. they were playing the chair game… ex.8 chairs, 9 people, play music and when music stops sit down… ooops there’s not enough chairs.. one person is out, and one chair removed,etc.etc.  until there is a winner!

seb og party 056

It was a wonderful night, young and old together…with lots of good food, and drinks, beer, cider,red and white wine, and some sodas, coffe and baileys (yum). We danced and had alot of fun!!!!  And some of us tried to outsing the stereo with our christmas carols, hahaha!!!

8 kommentarer:

Buffie sa...

HAHA! It sure looks like you had fun!! How was the food? Those cakes were gorgeous!

Buffie :)

Justine sa...

LOL! The chair game is called Musical Chairs, and it looks like you had a blast. Wow, where'd you get those gorgeous cakes? They looked amazing!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Jessica sa...

Oh my word...those cakes! Much too pretty to eat...lol. Looks like a wonderful party~ great picture with the Santa, too.

Hugs~ J

Anonym sa...

Wow!! Beautiful cakes!! Looks like you had a blast at your party! We just got back from Santa Fe to two feet of snow in our driveway! Hubby is still out snow blowing! 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas'!!
hilsen, Christy

Rue sa...

Hi Monica :)

It looks like you had a great time! You're beautiful!

I just finished catching up on your blog and it was so interesting to learn about how you celebrate Christmas. How neat to have not one, but three Santas! I like the tradition of the candles too :)

Have a wonderful day!

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Hi Monica!
I have been on a blog break and have missed many of your posts! It looks like you had a blast at your party and the cake was beautiful-You guys sure know how to have fun in Norway!

nikkicrumpet sa...

Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time...and you were all dressed up so pretty! Those cakes were more art than they were dessert...they were beautiful!!!

Rachael sa...

Fun party! You look gorgeous...I am so glad to see a picture of you!Isn't it funny when we are moms that we don't ever take pictures of ourselves?