fredag 30. januar 2009

Place a ribbon on your blog…

Thanks to our very own Nikkicrumpet at


I happened to discover a beautiful blog that made me very emotional!!

During our busy days we don’t always STOP and think of everyone that WISH they were at work today.. instead of in their bed, or at a hospital or some kind of clinic trying to recover from some kind of illness….

I have made a few stops in my life… I have lost family-members, and I fear loosing friends, it just doesn’t matter IF they are family OR friends OR strangers even… I just wish there was NO such thing as CANCER!! and of course other things that are life threatening…



I happened to stumble upon

Elisabeth and Roy’s blog over at roy's progress!

Please go there.. Elisabeth must be one of the most generous people I have “met”.. she’s even having a GREAT give-away


Read  her posts… it’s SO worth it!


And please take this


tirsdag 27. januar 2009

Bloggers block??

Hello everyone!

I think I’ve got Bloggers-block!! :-/

I can’t come up with anything interesting right now…  THEN it dawned on me…

Maybe I’ll just show you a few scenic pictures from where I live… come rain or shine.. this is it!

After seeing these I hope you would really like to come to Norway ;-)

They are all from my area… You got to love the nature here…



sæbø 001

Nicole 003



Lexi 021





haust 001

haust 006

haust 008

lørdag 24. januar 2009

Dinner’s ready!!


What am I making???


TACO.. of course.. it’s saturday, and taco is everyones favorite!!


MMmmmm lots of goodies here…..


Table is set.. and all we need now is the fried grounded meat with all the goooood spices in it.. and the taco shells, and of course the burritoes.


After this delicious meal, we are going to have a social TV night together… mmm it’ll be nice!


Have a fun saturday-night everybody!!! I know I am going to….. wish you could’ve been here!!

Good mothers……

Thought I’d just give you something new to look at if you should decide to stop by..

These little cuties were born many years ago… before Lexi came to our house.. we had a cat… and these were her babies.


She was such a good mother

Just look at this

Nala og Pus

Isn’t that just adorable??

I thought they were so cute!!! :-)

It’s really late… and I will have to go to bed, but I have decided to come up with something for tomorrow….

In the mean time.. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Our birthday girl! :-) ♥

♥ Lexi 6 years old ♥


Snuggling on the old sofa

Lexi 007

watching the kids

Lexi 018

 My people bought a new couch.. and I am not allowed on it no more… but they bought me my own.. I like it! :-)IM000086

I am posing, but I don’t like the flash.. so I am pretending to look at someone else….


Allright, outside and with no flash .. it’s ok..


I got a frame from my moms family in the USA, and I love it.. my people even had photos of me taken at the photographer.. they took me along when they had their picture taken last year.


ALlright! I’ll give you one

januar 09 016

I didn’t get any cake today…

But, I am still hoping ;-)

♥ cuddle-with-ME ♥

♥ LEXI ♥

SUSAN, I did it!!!! :-)

Hi Susan… and everybody else :-)

Susan - over at Susan's Colorful Life - in all her kindness sent me her recipe for chocolate chip cookies :-)

ccc 003

We don’t make those cookies over here… some claim they do, but they just don’t taste the same as the real deal from the USA.

ccc 006

I have tried many different recipes, but never found one that I really like…

ccc 009

TODAY.. YES, on a monday , I made cookies

ccc 010

I had the day off… this was not the plan, but some changes were made due to sick-leave at work… and rearranging of hours :-)

ccc 011

I am a happy camper because of it though… I had today off, and will work thursday instead..

ccc 012

I have been cleaning the house and doing the laundry (again)… made dinner and finally made some cookies

ccc 013

I just threw in some chocolate and nuts.. I think I should have put a little bit more in..

ccc 014

BUT, everybody just LOVED them Susan.. a huge success!!!


søndag 18. januar 2009

Something for my friends

Lovely Laura over at Decor to Adore wanted me to have this


Thank you VERY much Laura

I would like to pass this on to all of you that visit me and leave a comment on THIS post!

It is SWEET.. so come on!!!!

lørdag 17. januar 2009

I bought spring!


During the winter months.. the sun is so low… that it disappears behind the mountains, and we are left in “darkness” for a while….


BUT now it’s back.. and boy did that feel good.. even if it’s just a few glimps of it per day…


Yesterday was sunny and COLD! Today we got warmer weather and wind (this makes the snow go away so quickly it’s amazing!)

BUT we have a storm coming.. and tonight I am sitting her listening to the wind


I have lit beautiful candles…with real fragrances in them.. aren’t they good looking??




Arent they lovely!?


If you ever feel down about the weather… light some candles and get the fireplace going… and buy yourself some spring flowers!!


It works….. it brings a little sunshine inside :-)

And as fast as time flies.. summer is upon us before we know it!