tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Our birthday girl! :-) ♥

♥ Lexi 6 years old ♥


Snuggling on the old sofa

Lexi 007

watching the kids

Lexi 018

 My people bought a new couch.. and I am not allowed on it no more… but they bought me my own.. I like it! :-)IM000086

I am posing, but I don’t like the flash.. so I am pretending to look at someone else….


Allright, outside and with no flash .. it’s ok..


I got a frame from my moms family in the USA, and I love it.. my people even had photos of me taken at the photographer.. they took me along when they had their picture taken last year.


ALlright! I’ll give you one

januar 09 016

I didn’t get any cake today…

But, I am still hoping ;-)

♥ cuddle-with-ME ♥

♥ LEXI ♥

14 kommentarer:

Jessica sa...

Oh Monica~

Lexi is adorable & I think she knows it. :) Please give her a big hug from me and give her an extra treat. My Molly saw her couch and is green envy.

Happy Birthday Lexi!

Hugs~ J

Bridget sa...

Awww Happy Birthday Lexi baby!

Shelia sa...

Oh,Happy Birthday, Lexi! You're just the prettiest little thing and all grown up. I love your new sofa and it's good you don't get on your Mommy's new one. Tell your Mommy I said hi and to give you just a small piece of birthday cake.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ma'dame French sa...

Happy Birthday Lexi! French;) xoxo

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Ahhh... Lexi is so cute. I love her little doggie sofa. "Happy Birthday, Lexi".
Hugs, Terrie

Susan S. sa...

Aww....Lexi....Happy Birthday Sweet Pup! I think you are so VERY lucky to have your OWN sofa. And you are SO photogenic my puppy heads straight for me every time I get out the camera so many times all I get is a picture of his curious nose. LOL!

You should have your MOM make you some COOKIES for your special day but WITHOUT the chocolate since that not good for puppies.

~♥~ Monica S sa...

hehe!! I might have to get her something good... but will wait 'till the weekend! ;-) Maybe even MAKE SOME COOKIES AGAIN.. just in case we get comapany ;-)

Nancy sa...

Oh Lexi is so cute and Happy birthday to her! Great post, Monica! Blessings, Nancy

Debi sa...

Monica dear,
How sweet for Lexi!! She is adorable!! Happy birtday!!
I love chocolate chip cookies too!
I don't know what I would do if I couldn't make them!!
Hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear.
Debi xo

nikkicrumpet sa...

How could anyone resist a beauty like Lexi!! What a little model she is too...did you notice how she knows just where to catch the light and show her best side!

Buffie sa...

Hi Monica! Aww, Happy BD Lexi!!!

Buffie :)

bj sa...

OOO, will you please share your grandmothers recipe for lemon m.pie? I would LOVE to have it.
I just this minute took one out of the oven I made for my daughter...
Coconut creme is next for my son and his family...
hugs, bj

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica! Oh, I'm still so enjoying looking at that pretty little Lexi! Hope she's getting treated the way she deserves! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diane sa...

Ahhhh, Lexi is gorgeous! Give her hugs & kisses for me! ♥♥♥ Diane