onsdag 7. januar 2009

Taking you to Geiranger…

Hello everybody

Today I want to take you for a drive.. first we drive to the next town …that takes about 15 minutes…. next we have to cross the fjord, by taking this ferry.. we’ll just let those cars get off the ferry first…

ferje_volda Once we have crossed the fjord and drive along the rest of the fjord heading inland….  we will pass this water

bus_norway_740x334  and hey!! Whats that??


Oh my it’s a viking ship! But we are driving on……. I will have to tell you about this ship later… we drive over a mountain and back down, over another mountain and back down.. and we come to a place called Stryn… “beautiful Stryn” as they say… This is a haven for skiiers!! But we are just driving straight through town…


OK… looking behind us now, we can no longer see Stryn…. and we are heading up the mountain again!!


It’s beautiful here isn’t it??


Oh.. there’s snow up here.. wait a minute….




I think we’re going to have to have some help.. AH! Thank Goodness they’re already here…



There’s alot of snow here huh??


Wonder how they can find the road??!!


OK.. we are on the top.. now we take left.. and almost make a u-turn… heading back, but on a different road…. and heading back down off of the mountain too…. and NOW I have cheated a little.. it’s summer when we come back down.. naturally that woouldn’t be the case.. but this place has to be shown as a summer place.. we have reached Geiranger!!


9676005This place is mighty popular to take a photo at.. so I thought I’d show you a few :-)  Trip_villageofGeiranger

This is a really deep fjord.. and we have cruise ships coming in here during the summer.. and it’s a very popular place to visit.. you would really have to BE there to see how majestic the mountains are!! Just look at that boat.. it looks really small.. but, it’s a cruise ship!


Here we are looking back at the mountains we came down….


This is the church of Geiranger.. it has 8 sides to it.. and was built in the mid – 1800’s..


Geiranger is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage places… and is definately worth seeing. AND if you do.. come by my place too ;-) .. I am just a couple of hours away..


I thought we’d take this ferry back home.. going the sea-way…. It’s VERY expensive, but HEY I want to show you our beautiful nature.. and not going by the same places twice!!

By the way.. those waterfalls you can see.. are called the 7 sisters :-)

8 kommentarer:

Tootsie sa...

wow...you live near such beatutiful things! I one day will be planning a trip to your area for sure! thanks for the photos...it felt like I was there with you!

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Oh my goodness sakes Monica! Why in the world would any body ever want to live anywhere else? Just BEAUTIFUL!!!! But I love the country and mountains so much!
Take Care,

Shelia sa...

Afternoon, Dear Monica! Oh, what lovely pictures! I love the mountains and that snow! I can't imagine living where there is so much like this. The Fjords are just gorgeous. I think I told you we rode a big ship through some of the fjords and were just amazed at the beauty!
I'm so glad you like that little song! It makes me giggle all over!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rachael sa...

Beautiful scenery! It makes me want to visit Norway...do you know that I have never been out of the U.S. except to Mexico? Sad huh?

We are trying to plan a trip to Italy next Fall, if all goes well it would be so exciting :-)

Thanks for the gorgeous photos!!

Tonje sa...

Happy New Year, Monica. And thank you for the trip to Geiranger. Although I've been travelling a lot in Norway, I can't recall beeing to Geiranger (but I think I was there once when I was little). Guess I'll have to go there one day... It's a beautiful place!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, You live in a fantasyland! It is so beautiful, peaceful, quaint. I could only dream of living some place so magicial.
Hugs, Terrie

Susan S. sa...

Oh my goodness...those pictures are gorgeous. I WANT TO COME VISIT! If you'll send me your email address to my email address: bigstick2858@yahoo.com I'll type of the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and send it to you. Can you buy Nestle's Chocolate Chip Morsels there...or some comparable?

Have a great weekend! Susan

Debi sa...

OH Monica dear,
How breath-taking pics!! I loved the drive!! Does it snow like that every year??? I can't even image living in THAT much snow!!!!!!!!!
And I think it gets cold here lol!!? If I ever get over there you bet I will come visit!!! I love the pictures of your beautiful Geiranger!! And the trip there too!!
The church is really neat, I have never seen one in that shape before! Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL country side dear!! I will show you mine in the spring this year. It is NOTHING like yours, but I will still share it with you :D
I know once again your having a wonderfully blessed day dear! :D
Debi xoxoxo