tirsdag 20. januar 2009

SUSAN, I did it!!!! :-)

Hi Susan… and everybody else :-)

Susan - over at Susan's Colorful Life - in all her kindness sent me her recipe for chocolate chip cookies :-)

ccc 003

We don’t make those cookies over here… some claim they do, but they just don’t taste the same as the real deal from the USA.

ccc 006

I have tried many different recipes, but never found one that I really like…

ccc 009

TODAY.. YES, on a monday , I made cookies

ccc 010

I had the day off… this was not the plan, but some changes were made due to sick-leave at work… and rearranging of hours :-)

ccc 011

I am a happy camper because of it though… I had today off, and will work thursday instead..

ccc 012

I have been cleaning the house and doing the laundry (again)… made dinner and finally made some cookies

ccc 013

I just threw in some chocolate and nuts.. I think I should have put a little bit more in..

ccc 014

BUT, everybody just LOVED them Susan.. a huge success!!!


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Susan S. sa...

YEAH!!!!!!! I'm so glad you finally have the "right" recipe! It was easy wasn't it!?!? Glad you had the day off and got to putter around and make the cookies. I have today off as well....however, we are celebrating Martin Luther King Day. Many are taking off tomorrow so they can stay home and watch the Presidential Inauguration.

One tip for the cookies....I don't think you can add TOO much chocolate or M&M's....nuts, either. Enjoy...they will go quickly!!!

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Thanks!! But yours look like they have more m&m's in them.. My son could hardly stay away from the doug ;-)
We have had plenty already... hehe

Special day tomorrow for sure.. will be watching it myself for sure!!


Bridget sa...

Your cookies look so yummy. You make me want to bake a batch but I am dieting so I will have to resist the temptation. I'm glad you were able to make real American style chocolate chip cookies. Now you can spread cookie joy throughout all of Norway! LOL

Jill sa...

do you take orders??? Send some.. lol! They look yummy

Rue sa...

Hi Monica :)

Those look delicious!! I think I'll go eat some myself :)


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Bet you can't eat just one!! LOL
I wish i could reach out and grab a couple of them.
Hugs, Terrie

Justine sa...

OMG, those look soooooooooo YUMMY! I wish I could reach right into the computer and grab one! Oh boy do I have a good cookie recipe. Peanut butter chocolate chip. Oy!

Justine :o )

Shelia sa...

EVening, Monica! Oh, those cookies look yummy! I would love to have one, please! Glad you had a day off and enjoyed yourself! Now, is laundry ever done? lol Not at my house.
Be a sweetie and thanks for the visit,
Shelia ;)

artis1111 sa...

YUM! I will have a glass of milk with mine. Kathy

Buffie sa...

MMMMM!!!! There is absolutely nothing better than a homemade chocolate chip cookie! Well homemade peanut butter is a close second but the chocolate wins hands down!

Buffie :)

Rachael sa...


Are there M-n-M's in those cookies?? They look so good that I want the recipe!!!

I bet your hubby and kids are enjoying them :-)

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

Oh these look SO yummy!

Tonje sa...

These look delicious!! Mmmmm....

I've added the pattern for those slippers you asked about over at my blog (pattern in both english and norwegian)

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Hi Monica!
Your cookies look like they came out really well! I love all the photos, they make me very hungry!

Bridget sa...

Okay, it is your fault. I had to bake cookies today! lol

Nancy sa...

Monica, it sounds like you had a wonderful day and ended it with some delish cookies! Blessings, Nancy