tirsdag 31. mars 2009

Hello ya’ll ;-)

Thank you all!!!

I am doing alot better.. but I am still sneezing and having a stuffed nose…

I have been working all the time though,… just a bit tired!


On top of it all.. we have 3 people that are on sick-leave at my job… and there’s just two of us left… so we are faced with alot of extra work!!! :-( NO FUN!

Anyway.. just thought I’d let you know… when the weekend comes around.. I will look for interesting photos for you!



in the meantime… stay well!

Lots of love,

fredag 27. mars 2009




I am sorry I haven’t been around alot this week..

I have been a bit tired.. lots of work, and I think I am getting the flu.. :-(

I still have a couple of days of work left this week, but I promise to stop by everybody as soon as I can!

Thank you all for your patience! :-)


that’s my daughter on the trolls foot

trollet og Amanda



tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Look what I’ve been hiding…

Those of you that have followed my blog for a while have seen this big pine tree alot.. it sits straight in front of my house.. and is what I see from my livingroom. Look at the beautiful pinecones that hangs at the top


This one (below) is what I have usually posted…


Now look what happens if I don’t zoom in on the tree… there are lots of houses real close!!! 


Now.. if I step outside.. and look to my left.. I see these beautiful mountains…. aren’t they just gorgious in the sunlight?? 


Zooming out……..


and zooming all the way out.. this is what the view is really like… even more houses!!!!


But I do have a great view.. and we love it here.. we’re really “on top of things” up here….

For those of you that have spotted something green in my garden that looks like a stranded boat… You are so right.. it is…. we “saved” it from a playground years ago.. and my kids have had alot of fun having had that boat in the garden… playing pirates etc.

The houses you can see closest to us.. are all brand new.. there used to be a small forest there.. we fought it for years… trying to keep them from building houses there.. but we lost!!! So instead of looking into a beautiful green forest.. we now have these houses to look at…. it’s ok.. but I liked the trees better!!!

It used to look like this

nye hagen 002

We had to redo the whole garden.. and lifted it up alot too.. to not “fall” into the houses below us……we even had to sacrifise that big old tree there….

I really liked it better before… don’t you??

mandag 23. mars 2009

Yippie!!!! I am DONE!!! :-)

I can’t believe it.. I am actually DONE!!!!

I did it!! :-) YAY me! ;-)


I am so glad I managed to finish this… but WHAT am I going to do now??? I am so used to making these squares while watching TV…. I’ll have to start a new project I guess…

by the way each square is about 20cmx20cm.

AND I made 35 squares!!! :-)

20cm.. is that about 8-9’’??

Well anyway.. I thought I’d let you know that I really DID finish it! :-)

Have a great day everyone!

søndag 22. mars 2009

Dear friends :-)

Cherished Friends
Author Unknown


God must have known there would be times we'd need a word of cheer,
Someone to praise a triumph or brush away a tear.
He must have known we'd need to share the joy of "little things"
In order to appreciate the happiness life brings.

I think He knew our troubled hearts would sometimes throb with pain,
At trials and misfortunes, or goals we can't attain.
He knew we'd need the comfort of an understanding heart
To give us strength and courage to make a fresh, new start.

He knew we'd need companionship, unselfish....lasting....true,
And so God answered the heart's great need with Cherished Friends....like you!!


Thanks to all of you! I have decided to spend a little time with my kids this weekend.. today we’ve moved around the furniture in their bedrooms.. cleaned their rooms  good and just been together.. it has been fun.. and we had TACO for dinner… yum!

Have a great sunday everyone!!

torsdag 19. mars 2009

An update

Dear friends
Thank you all so much for all your beautiful comments and your prayers for the young man that went missing…..
Today….. they found him……
Under the dock.. in the cold ocean…


They had searched there before.. but I guess due to underwater streams he has been moving around a little.. but luckily he “came back” and they found him….


I do say “luckily”… because most of us thought by now he had passed… and for the sake of his family, I am glad they found him, so that they now know where he is. It would just be heartbreaking if they never found him.. and the family never got an answer as to what had really happened.


And I think I ow you an explanation… some of you might have misunderstood me…


I don’t know this young man…. but I do have friends that do….
I didn’t help look for him… but I have several friends that did…


But it being such a small place.. we all know someone that knows someone.. if you can understand… so in the end.. events like this affects us all… and it’s just so sad!!


Anyway.. I am proud to have such caring online friends like you!!! Thanks alot everybody!!! It meant the world to me to get all those heartfelt comments from you!!
zwani.com myspace graphic comments

tirsdag 17. mars 2009

The last few days…..

I am so sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while…. BUT there has been an accident in my hometown… a young man has gone missing.. and has not been seen since saturday… when he was out having fun on a nightclub.

They have found his cellphone.. not far from the sea.. so they think he might have fallen in…

We’ve had helicopters, boats and loads of people looking for him both on land and at sea.

He’s still not found.

An being such a small place this naturally affects us all.. even though me and my family don’t know him. We still feel the sadness and the loss of his family…. I feel like HOPE is fading now…

It’s so sad.. so sad…

torsdag 12. mars 2009

A preview! ;-)

….. of summer in my neighbourhood…

Let me just tell you… all these pictures were taken on the same day… believe it or NOT ;-)


Majestic mountains… and the snow never leaves the mountain tops…


It’s beautiful isn’t it??


Yeah… that’s me.. putting my toes in the freezing cold ice water .. in the middle of summer….

vakker natur

This was taken out the car window.. at speed…It’s great isn’t it??


No.. we’re not still using viking ships to get around….. BUT we had to stop here and take pictures.. there’s this man living not far from us.. that build these beautiful ships… He’s doing such a great job….(and those are my kids playing in the lake….)


Wouldn’t it be nice to sail this lake in one of these?? Isn’t it a bit weird to think our/my forefathers were VIKINGS… and sailed in boats like this (only larger) across the oceans.. even all the way to America… I find it hard to believe…

Have a great day!!!!

mandag 9. mars 2009



Yesterday me and my husband went for a long walk.. and I shot some pictures, that I thought I would show you! :-)

I managed to “hide” all the houses, roads and cars nearby… so it’s not as “wild” as it seems.


This one’s (above) taken from my livingroom window…

Here’s from our walk;








It was a nice walk.. a bit cold and windy, but we made it ;-) hehe.. I am looking forward to present summer for you…when everything is green and sunny!

I will also show you our garden etc. when that time comes.. now it just looks sad, when there’s no colors! :-)

Have a great week everyone!


torsdag 5. mars 2009

Awards, awards, awards!!! :-)

Hello everyone!

I have been given a few awards.. and I have been collecting quite a few too… SO I figured it’s time to put them all out there, before its too late…

….and THIS one from Bridget might actually be the right one for me.. if I don’t get around to it…

Doryaward from Bridget

I don’t want to loose track of who gave me awards..so I better get started!

This cute Dory award goes to those of you that feels like bringing it home…:-)


Bridget also gave out this one a while back

award_fra_circle_of_l_from Bridget

this one is so cute

…and I think everyone on my list of blogs are worthy of this. Please take it home if you are one of those I visit as often as I can…


NOW THIS next one is truly beautiful… and I know of one person that just HAS to be given this award. I picked it up over at Terrie ‘s..

fra_circle_of_l_ from terrie just because

Isn’t it Beautiful??  All my friends are jewels… so go ahead and take it home… AND TOOTSIE.. especially you!


The next one is from Smiling Sally… she passed it out to all visitors to her blog… and so am I…

BeautifulAward fromswmiling sal

you are all so beautiful!


For regular commenting on shelia ‘s posts.. she handed out his great award…

sisterhoodaward from Shelia for regular comments

and if you are one of my regular commentors.. please pick it up!


A new friend of mine gave me this one… it’s so beautiful… Chandy over at  http://whatnowtablescapes.blogspot.com/   made it and I won’t be passing it along, but you go see Chandy ,and I think she’ll give it to you ;-)

FabFan from chandy


This next one was given to me by Vanna over at DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR


Here are the rules for this award:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.” Also put a link to their blogs and then let them know they have been selected!

Well… piece of cake.. isn’t it?? hehe

Here are my eight:

Bridget at My Silly Blog

Sally at Smiling Sally

Elisabeth at roy's progress!

Jill at Jill's Believe It Or Not

Justine at Tiney's Froggy Bloggy

Marilyn at Lavender Cottage

Shelia at Note Songs

Rue at Rue's peanut butter and jelly life

Those were my eight :-) Love you all!


Next I got an award from my friend Marilyn (australia) in.. yes Australia…  She thinks I’m creative :-) yay ME! (haha)

mazaward frå MArilyn

and it goes like this

*Here are the award rules:
List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love!
Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won!
You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole world know.....you are KREATIV!

Allright… 7 things I love:



2. I love to travel… wish I could do more of it…

145 Alnwick castle(this is Alnwick Castle, where Harry Potter was filmed) 

3. I love christmas.. it brings such joy!

jul 031

4. I love my cell phone… it helps me stay in touch.


(wish this was mine)

5. I love music and my piano.. that used to belong to my grandmother… it’s beautiful


6. I love my home and garden….

012 (3)

7. I love colors.. and to draw and paint.


AND now I am passing this on to:


Pat at Back Porch Musings

Chris at Welcome Friends to Chris's Corner

Nikki at Blah, Blah, Blah, blog



Rachael at Mom Cooks & Reads Books

AND NOW I have to get busy.. telling you all! ;-)

Have fun!

Lots of love and friendship,