lørdag 20. september 2008

FaVoRiTe CoLoRs...

My norwegian fellow-bloggers are challenging us to show our favorite colors.. in our home.

I have looked at many different blogs, and found that most bloggers these days like the neutral color white in their home.. and add a touch of color with their nick-nacks :-)
I love fall, and all it's colors too , and this is really what represents my house

this box used to be my grand-mothers ,
She had a country store
back in the days, and this box says
"Clarks Anchor,
stranded cotton for embroidery"
I inherited this box and inside it, it holds cotton yarn, in all the colors of the rainbow
and somehow I managed to put all my favorites on the top, since there is a glass lid.

and here they all are... my favorite colors, and the once that really shows around my house..
I LOVE colors, and I probably wouldn't be able to live in a white based house for a very long time, before I had to pick up paint and brush and make it into "my own"

Here's another example... this is on top of my
bookshelf, here sits a wine bottle holder, given to me by a friend, a couple of candle holders, a beautiful angel (used to be my grandmothers) and an old radio.... the radio does not work anymore, but I am sure I could fix that if I really wanted to.. ( maybe I shoud try)

These are my daughters shoes...
When me and my husband got married our little girl got a pair of new
shoes.. had to look nice you know,.. a couple of months later, on May 17th, our independence day.. I couldn't find the shoes.. they were gone... MIND you, ten years later when I was trying to clean, I came over an old box filled with things, and in this box, I found the shoes.. worn only once, and now waaaay too small for my girl, but still very pretty.. so they are now part of my livingroom decoration :-)


I don't much care for bugs, they sting and they bite, and I don't have controll over them, so they scare me a little..

In Norwegian this thing is called "eye-stinger"....
let me know what it's called in english..
it's really big.

This thing isn't all that scary.. It's of such size that I feel I know where it's at when it's around. :-)

Fall at our house...

Amanda made heart of flowers
Sebastian made one too

After hunting for flowers in and around our garden , their hearts turned out pretty great!

I am on my way to start an english version

Since I made my Norwegian version first,
they won't be excactly the same...

this is me, when I was just a little girl :-)