lørdag 20. september 2008

FaVoRiTe CoLoRs...

My norwegian fellow-bloggers are challenging us to show our favorite colors.. in our home.

I have looked at many different blogs, and found that most bloggers these days like the neutral color white in their home.. and add a touch of color with their nick-nacks :-)
I love fall, and all it's colors too , and this is really what represents my house

this box used to be my grand-mothers ,
She had a country store
back in the days, and this box says
"Clarks Anchor,
stranded cotton for embroidery"
I inherited this box and inside it, it holds cotton yarn, in all the colors of the rainbow
and somehow I managed to put all my favorites on the top, since there is a glass lid.

and here they all are... my favorite colors, and the once that really shows around my house..
I LOVE colors, and I probably wouldn't be able to live in a white based house for a very long time, before I had to pick up paint and brush and make it into "my own"

Here's another example... this is on top of my
bookshelf, here sits a wine bottle holder, given to me by a friend, a couple of candle holders, a beautiful angel (used to be my grandmothers) and an old radio.... the radio does not work anymore, but I am sure I could fix that if I really wanted to.. ( maybe I shoud try)

These are my daughters shoes...
When me and my husband got married our little girl got a pair of new
shoes.. had to look nice you know,.. a couple of months later, on May 17th, our independence day.. I couldn't find the shoes.. they were gone... MIND you, ten years later when I was trying to clean, I came over an old box filled with things, and in this box, I found the shoes.. worn only once, and now waaaay too small for my girl, but still very pretty.. so they are now part of my livingroom decoration :-)

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Karen sa...

Hello, thank you for stopping by my Blog. Your site is lovely. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Jessica sa...

Hi Monica, thank you so much for coming by ~ I adore your grandmothers box, what a beautiful treasure. I have a scheduled post for tomorrow...I'll have a box of tissue ready. Thank you for your kind words. Hope to hear from you again soon.