lørdag 20. september 2008


I don't much care for bugs, they sting and they bite, and I don't have controll over them, so they scare me a little..

In Norwegian this thing is called "eye-stinger"....
let me know what it's called in english..
it's really big.

This thing isn't all that scary.. It's of such size that I feel I know where it's at when it's around. :-)

3 kommentarer:

Buffie sa...

We call them dragonflies here in Texas! They don't bite so don't be scared! LOL!

Buffie :)

Monica S sa...

Thanks Buffy!!! :-)
I should've know that!!!
I once saw a film called Dragonfly.. a WONDERFUL film.. could watch it over..right after it ended. So good!!! I highly recommend it!


Bridget sa...

I agree with Buffie, that is a Dragonfly.