tirsdag 2. mars 2010


Hello everybody!

I have been having some trouble with commercial comments coming in… and chinese comments etc…  I have no idea why this is…  Let me just say it frustrates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will try to get rid of them…. so that this blog can be what it used to be once!

See you later!

tirsdag 3. november 2009

seasons are changing….

It seems like yesterday I was looking forward to summer and warmer days! NOW the summer is over and Christmas is just around the corner.. the stores are filling up their shelves with christmas decor,  paper-napkins with x-mas decor, candles, dolls and santas!!! where did summer go??? and what happened to fall???? urgh! TIME  FLIES!!!!!

Oh well, I guess we just have to follow the season and be happy!!

So I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane with you, and show you some summer photos as promised!


This one is taken from my kitchen window, and I really enjoy this view!!


This is ME relaxing outside! ;-) still waiting for summer to kick in!

SO, summer came, and off we went on a looong drive to visit my sisters in laws houses….


after driving for two days, we were finally there


YAY!! that’s our car in front of one of the sis-in-laws house.


Mid-summer, we light bonfires and have a barbeque with friends and family, this year we were at my husbands sisters house, and had alot of fun!





Right smack in the middle of nowhere it seems… hehe

Still.. we were just a few minutes from  their house!  A lovely place!

Only problem with being out this late at night  are all the mosquitos!!! I HATE them!

yes, it was late at night, although it seems like day-time photos…. rememeber this is the land of the midnight-sun!!! And the further north you go, the more sun you have during the night.. during summer that is… during winter, they have alot less sun!!!!

**** to be continued***


mandag 26. oktober 2009

I am back!!!! :-)


I thought I’d let you all know I am still here…. just haven’t been in the blog-mood lately…. I have been all out of blog-material…


BUT now we have turned the clock back one hour, and the days are getting shorter (in daylight) and the evenings seem longer, so I guess that’ll help me a little to get back on the blog.


I haven’t excactly been out there taking too many photos, but I will see what I can come up with in my next post… will have to download some photos…


I have been enjoying getting to know some of you a little better as we have been playing games on Facebook.. it has been alot of fun!!  Games are fun!!


Hope you all will find your way back to my blog, and that we will see eachother alot more in the days to come…


I can’t believe x-mas is just around the corner… WOOOW:.. time flies!!! It’s been almost a year since I told you all about how we light candles during advent! the waiting-period before christmas! :-) amazing!


Well, hope to see you around!!! and that you are all well!!

lots of hugs


torsdag 16. juli 2009

A tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

What can you say that hasn’t already been said??

first and foremost, I hope those that own the rights to the photos I am using will forgive me..


I never was a Michael Jackson fan… I LOVE his music, as I loved Motown music growing up.. and I still do!!! Motown music is GREAT!


But.. here’s the thing

When I heard the tragic news of his death.. I just couldn’t believe it… I guess the whole world was in shock!

I watched the memorial on TV


I have watched a couple of concerts on TV since….


I have heard MORE about him now than I have ever heard before… and I am in Aw! over all the good deeds this man has done for the world and the children on it.

It has left me with many feelings that I never even knew I had for the man.

I wish I had known him!!!

I really do!!!!

Just look at his beautiful SMILE



it can melt a heart of stone

He truly was beautiful!

I have always believed that he has told the truth, somehow I have a feeling that people have been accusing him of things trying to get some money off of him… nomatter what it takes…. if it ruins his life.. so what?? People can be crule when it comes to money! REALLY crule!

I have always believed that he turned white because he was sick.. I know several people with the same diagnosis. And I have always defended him on that… even if it wouldn’t matter to either him or me wether I did or not… hehe

I just don’t like false accusations!


it has been with us all.. if we like it or not, we have all danced to his music. I have several of his early albums…. because of my love for Motown music…

My alltime favorite must be BEN, it is sooo beautiful!


We are the world

is a good number two in my book… and there are soo many good songs, with meaningful and great lyrics… it tells us alot about what he was thinking and what occupied his thoughts.


He was great.. a wonderful and misunderstood person with a great big heart…

and it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white… for anyone, and definately not in his case… WHY should it matter to us at all what color he was?? It’s what’s inside that matters isn’t it??


He loved animals and his NEVERLAND

he had his own little Peter Pan world where time stood still and he could be what he wanted to be!


Even if he had a great big watch there.. hehe!

I know personally that I am going to miss him….

I just hope he is at peace now!

You were loved Michael!!

******rest in peace******


fredag 5. juni 2009

Norway in it’s glory…!??!

please watch them both!!


tirsdag 19. mai 2009

may 17th

May 17th is our national day

parades for young and old

the celebration of our country



17.mai 2


17.mai 3


17.mai 4


17.mai 5

and a beautiful day it was…

people in their national costumes

our beautiful “bunad”


the one above is mine

there are hundreds of kinds

and they are all soo pretty.


have a great day everyone!!!



torsdag 14. mai 2009

Can you really blame me…??

Dearest friends all over…

Can you really blame me?? I have been off the blog for a while.. tired and exhausted…..and I am so sorry I have even neglected to visit you!

But you see…

I met up with family members living a six hours drive from my house…. Lucky enough they came here..

My sister and her family…. and I just love them all to bits… especially my sisters new grand-daughter.. she’s the cutest little thing.. both her parents are deaf.. our little sweety can hear, but talks sign language!!


It was so much fun getting to meet them all again.. we haven’t met since last year..

We went for a long walk and saw many old friends and neighbours at our little home town….. it was great fun!!!

Also spotted some sheep and lambs..


Isn’t he cute??


He came closer….  I think lambs are adorable creatures!!

Well… anyway.. hooking up with long “lost” family was alot of fun, and I finnally see things start to fall back to normal, as my co-workers are getting better and coming back to work! So tomorrow I have a full day off …finnally!

the weather has turned back to normal (cold) again.. and the summer temperatures are vanished! But we had great days as long as it lasted…

This coming weekend is May 17th.. and that is our national day since 1814… and May 17th has been celebrated since the end of the 1800s….

And as I told you the “bunad” will come out of peoples closets….. go here to find out more:



I will promise you that there will be photos from this day…

It’s a busy day, so I am starting to think of what to eat that day.. I will have to make it ahead… and have it ready for sunday… and there will be cake of course….

speaking of cake

My husbands eldest daughter turned 18 yesterday.. and I made her a cake

take a look at this:


How did you like that??? It’s not perfect,, but I am happy with the result!

Birthdaygirl and her boyfriend look pretty happy!


Karen 039 

These are our kids.. when they were younger.. can you spot my husbands daughter at the top??

She has been in my life since she was one year old…so she’s known me all of her life! It’s great to see her off into her own life as a grown-up… still it’s sad that time has gone by this quickly!


Well you guys.. there’s more to come from me.. but have to stop now .. it’s getting late!!

I have missed you! thanks for your patience!!

Lots of love


søndag 3. mai 2009

L♥ve is in the air… everywhere you l♥♥k ar♥und!

(¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥
`*.¸.*´Love is in the air.. everywhere you look around…

(¯`♥´¯) .♥.•*¨`*•♫.•´*.¸.•´♥
`*.¸.*´Love is in the air.. in every sight in every sound..






As you can see… things are happening in the garden! We have had such beautiful weather lately… it’s been a loooooooooong time since april was this warm in Norway.. I think I heard it mentioned.. that  it’s been a hundred years or so… we have had summer temperatures.. REALLY!!!  It’s been so nice!! I can’t believe it!

I look forward to getting May over with.. then it’s SUMMER!!!!

And May brings alot of things to blog about too… you will love it! So keep coming back.. the “Bunads” will be coming out of peoples closets!! .. and if you haven’t seen my post about that… be sure to come back after may 17th!

Have fun everybody! :-)

Biiiig hugs,

fredag 24. april 2009

It’s the weekend!

I have had today off from work… very nice….. but have been struggling with a terrible headache… it comes from overworked muscles in the neck and shoulder area… but I can’t complain… it has been a good day.

I have done some laundry and washed the floors… made dinner and changed the bowl for the fishes.. (it had turned green) hehe… neglected for a while poor things.

Now they’re happy!

Me and Lexi have had a nice day at home while the kids were at school and my husband at work.

Look at this face!


she’s cute huh!?

My cousine turns 40 today, and she’s in Rome with her husband… I am soooo jealous, it' sounds fantastic! Wish I has there too!!!

Well, maybe some day… I have been to Italy, but not to Rome… yet…

here are a few pictures from Florence.



A beautiful place

Go there if you ever get a chance!

Have a great weekend!


Lots of love Monica

mandag 20. april 2009


Hello everyone!


Lately I have been very tired… and have been needing a break.. I have tried to stop by some of you from time to time… and I hope you don’t forget about me….


This weekend we spent outside most of the time, spring has come, and there are heaps of things to do with our big garden….. yesterday I had to do something I don’t really enjoy…. weeding!!!  BUT it turned out great.. so I’m satisfied! :-)


I have a feeling as summer draws closer, most of us will spend alot more time outside, rather than in front of the computor.. I know I will… but know this.. I will be back, and I will stop by whenever I have the time and feel up to it!


I truly appreciate all of you and I am so glad I have found you, you are all truly amazing ladies, and it’s so fun to see how different we all are, and yet.. we like the same things! :-)


please don’t give up on me… keep coming back to give me a little push!

I am doing fine.. everything is allright.. I have been working alot.. that’s all!