torsdag 13. november 2008

Our national costume.. the BUNAD

NOW.. this would be quite a long story...
but I am going to narrow it down as much as possible,
In the olden days people made their own clothes, mostly from wool... and cotton... but to stay warm they made pants, vests, jackets, skirts etc. from woven wool... and these were their work clothes, and for dressing up, they started to add nicer colors, aprons with embroidery, belts etc. this has been through some kind of evolution, and has turned in to our Norwegian national costume, called BUNAD.

most Norwegians owns one.. and it's used in weddings, christenings, gatherings, celebrations of all sorts, where it's fitting to wear it.

I have one, and I will go into detail about that in my next post.


Like the Royal family

Kids, women, men, dolls, trolls and santas ;-)

they all wear them ...

I hope you enjoyed... and like I said.. will let you see mine too... with some up-close pics of the details and embroidery, and silver.

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nikkicrumpet sa...

How much fun this was to see! I love learning things about places I've never visited. They are very beautiful. I look forward to seeing a closeup of the details! Thanks for sharing!

Debi sa...

Monica dear,
I am from a small town in Kansas! I just found your blog thru Robin's Nest... I have LOVED reading yours!! It is so wonderful to hear about someone country... their heritage... and of course the costumes!! I can't wait to see photos of your Bunad! The story of your great grandmother was so up lifting to read! :D I will be back often to read some more!! Please feel free to zip over to Kansas... and read my blog anytime!! Looking forward to seeing you there :D

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear!!

Jessica sa...

Monica~ This was such an interesting post. What wonderful history and traditions you have in your country. Can't wait to see more! :) I loved the saying you left on my blog. Behind the clouds the sky is always blue. So true.

Have a wonderful day, friend!

Hugs~ J.

Bridget sa...

Monica, I love the Bunad and look forward to seeing yours. The trolls remind me of a picture book I used to read to my daughter called "the Trouble With Trolls" by Jan Brett, the trolls wanted to steal the little girl's dog but she outsmarts (tricks them into thinking that her hat etc. is more valuable than the dog) them.

p.s. my blogroll is only there because I spent two hours building it again...hours I should have been sleeping. Yawn!

Monica S sa...

Oh my goodness Bridget.. it really takes time to fix something on the blog!! Goood job!

I had some trouble with this last slideshow too.. hehe.. got it right in the end!


Rue sa...

Hi Monica :)

I actually came over here yesterday, but I wanted to take time reading your blog because I loved what I saw here. Your life and your family's lives sound so interesting! Bunad's are beautiful :)

Thank you so much for visiting me. I plan on visiting you again too :)


Buffie sa...

I just love hearing about your country and the customs and can't wait to see your Bunad!! It does look like a lot of work goes into the making of them, especially with all that embroidery!

Buffie :)

Monica S sa...

yes it's alot of work, and they are VERY expensive!!! I want my daughter to have one too... just hope we can afford one. :-)

Tomorrow afternoon I will try to post about mine


Nancy sa...

Hi Monica, I enjoyed learning about your Christmas traditions in the comment you left for me. I have alos enjoyed learing more about your country in this post. These outfits are gorgeous! I always enjoy your commets on my post, It just makes my day that someone from Norway is reading my blog! Blessings to you, Nancy

Anonym sa...

Hilsen (is that correct?) Monica,
I followed you from Artie's blog. My grandparents were Norwegian immigrants and I grew up in North Dakota. A huge percent of the people there are Norwegian. I now live in the mountains of Colorado. At Christmas especially I make a lot of Norwegian food. I love rula polsa but lute fisk not so much ;)! The Bunads are beautiful, my mother never had one but she has borrowed one before. I look forward to more of your posts, Christy

Monica S sa...

It would be

Hilsen Christy...

which would mean something like
greetings from Christy

Wish I knew how to find you!


Anonym sa...

Hi Monica,
I don't have a blog as I am much more of a reader than a writer! My oldest child, 19, studied in Armenia this fall (where my husband's father was born) and from there traveled to Poland where he's been staying a while - anyway when I talked to him today he said he was going out with his buddies from Norway tonight. I just love it!! The world is a much smaller place now, my Grandpa Brevik left Norway when he was 16 and didn't see his family again until he was in his late 60s! My boy will be home in a month. Hilsen, Christy

Monica S sa...

Kjære/Dear Christy

is my email.. if you'd like to write me sometime ...
Would be interesting to hear where your Norwegian heritage is from??
Brevik sounds familiar.. we have a lot of people called 'Breivik' in the area. ;-)

That is so funny that your son has Norwegian buddies! hehe.. he's most likely having a good time then! ;-)

hilsen Monica PS! due to timedifference I might not answer emails right away.. but I WILL answer them!!

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
I just love all your post. It's always fun to learn something new and the outfit are gorgeous! Thank you for your wonderful post.