mandag 17. november 2008


Here we go
This is the top part of my bunad, it even has the ribbon attached to it still.
It is made from wool, and is sown and embroidered by my own mother.

OK, I had to move it to a brighter room, with a whiter door to hang it on... not easy to take close up photos without flash... as you can see the skirt part of the dress is folded.. we call that plissè...

And here's a close up of the chest embroidery

And even closer

Now I have attached the apron, that has A LOT of embroidery on it.. this is the top part

and this is the bottom part

here are some close up photos of the skirt/apron...

Now on to the back

even the belt has decor

some close up pictures of the belt....
and some from the back
it was hard to keep the camera steady... so some pictures are a bit blurry....
this is a pocket... that is sown on to a silver locket... this sits on the waist line of the dress, and is a smart thing to keep money or a camera in...
ON to the silver
this piece is worn in the neck part of the shirt... I didn't have my shirt around, it is white linen, and has the same embroideries as the dress.. only it's all white.
This next one is big, and sits on the chest part

and we have cuffs and earrings to match
I found this picture of a girl modeling the dress, and as you can see, she has the shirt and the special shoes as well... I forgot to take photos of the shoes.

14 kommentarer:

Bridget sa...

Oh my goodness! That is so beautiful. I can't imagine how long your mother worked on that. I hope you don't have a lot of sisters that she had to sew for too!
Thank you for all of those photos, it was such a treat to see all the details close up!

nikkicrumpet sa...

Thanks so much for showing us this. The dress is gorgeous and the embroidery is totally amazing. It is so interesting to learn about the customs of places I'll probably never get to visit. This is really cool!

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

I cannot believe how beautiful that is. WOW! The embroidery is so amazing-I love everything that goes with the dress too!

Hey Monica,
Yes, YOU can sign up for my giveaway on Tuesday~♥ See you then!


Anonym sa...

Your bunad is so beautiful, the embroidery is just lovely!! I absolutely love the colors and patterns on the black fabric. The silver is gorgeous, I have one little piece of solje (not sure if that's the correct name). Norwegian silver is so beautiful- I've bought some spoons and serving pieces on ebay. My son did have a good time with his Norwegian buddies ;)!!
Hilsen Christy

Monica S sa...

I have one sister Bridget, and my mother made her one too.. but she's 8 years older than me, so she got a little break inbetween...

Yes it's called SØLJE, we have an extra letter (actually three) I don't know if you can see it, or if it changes into some other letters.. without it we would write soelje (oe= Ø)
I know you can buy a sølje/the silver at the "uff da" shop.

hilsen Monica

Jessica sa...

Good morning Monica~ Oh my word that is gorgeous and the emroidery is amazing! Your Mother does beautiful work. The jewelry is beautiful, too. Especially, the chest piece. Thank you so much for sharing!

Hugs~ J.

Buffie sa...

Oh wow! The embriodery by your mother is stunning! I'm sure it looks beautiful on you too, thanks for sharing a little piece of Norway with us! :)


Anonym sa...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with me. I love your Christmas music too!

Tonje sa...

Great bunad! Which one is it? My mum embroidered my bunad as well. I have a "nordlandsbunad"... it's such a great item of clothing! I got a lot of attention when I wore mine when we lived in Scotland... Both my girls has bunad as well, but they only have the unembroidered children's version. There are photos on my blog... scroll down to... sometime just after 17.mai... probably 22-23 may 2008.
It was fun to see yours.

Monica S sa...

hehe Tonje.. yours would go well with the kilts in scotland! right??
Do you have the green or blue??


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Wow!!! How beautiful!!! And so much talent!! I'm in awe!!!

Debi sa...

Monica dear,
O my heavens, what a wonderful gift from your mother!!! I LOVE the emboidery work!! Such a great work of art!! Your mothers hands must have made many a great gift in her life!! Your very lucky. I also love learning of other countries hertiage, as I will probably never get to visit these countries in person!! So this makes it very special!! Your heart must swell with great pride everytime you wear this beautiful garment!!! My heart is beaming at your imagine! Thank you sooo much for sharing your lovely bunad with all of us to see!!
I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day!! Bless you and your wonderful family!

Anonym sa...


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