mandag 24. november 2008

Oh my Goodness!!!! :-)

 A little while back I got the cutest award from Jessica… Thank you so much Jessica, I am so lucky to have found you “out there!” :-)

I am supposed to give this to 6 bloggers who I think is full of goodness!!


This is not an easy task… there are just so many GOOD ladies out there

The first lady must be Bridget… I havent posted a post yet that she has not been visiting and left a cute comment on. Thanks Bridget!  You are truly a great friend!!

The next lady must be Jill… she’s such a sweetheart, and has been by alot!  Thanks alot Jill!

The third lady must be  Nancy.. she always leaves nice comments, and it’s just a treat to visit her blog!! Thanks alot Nancy!

The fourth good lady is Rachael… she has not left my side since I found her, and she’s such a great friend to have. Thanks for stopping by Rachael!

And the fifth lady is Terrie! I just love it when she stops by. She always has something good to say.. Thanks alot Terrie!!!

The last one I really want to give to a very sweet Norwegian friend of mine… Her name is Astrid and she always stops by and leaves me heartfelt comments! So I will take the last one and blog about that one on my Norwegian blog.

Thanks to ALL of you for being my friend!!!

AND since it’s thanksgiving.. I’d like to give thanks for all my new friends here in Blogland! Thank you for being my friend!!!

Did you think I was DONE???

I’m NOT!!

I have another award to give and it’s going to my dear friend Buffie!!

You make me smile!


Thank you for being my friend!!!

( we norwegians give our awards to 4 friends.. I have given this twice now.. so there’s more to come!! )

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

9 kommentarer:

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, That is so.. sweet of you!! Guess what!! I did a short.. posting for tomorrow!!! Guess what it is!!! It's just for you!!
Hugs, Terrie

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Oooo.. looking forward to see that new post of yours!!! :-)
How exciting!


Buffie sa...

Aww, thanks Monica!!! I LOVE awards! haha!

Thank you too for being our friend!

Buffie :)

Ma'dame French sa...

HAve been meaning to come over and say hello from Buffie's blog!!! SO hey there!! Stop by some time;) French

Buffie sa...

Oh cool, did you just put that arrow pointing to your home, or did I just now notice it? Either way that's so neat now I know exactly where to look in the photo! haha!

Buffie :)

~♥~ Monica S sa...

I did that earlier today.. thought I'd just let you know this is where I live!!! Also notice the stars!! Recognize the "big dipper!??

Jill sa...

Thank you Monica!!! That was so sweet of you to think of me!! I feel loved.. {{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}!!

Bridget sa...

Monica, You are one of the sweetest women I have met in Blogland (and I have met a lot of very sweet women!) If the rest of your countrymen in Norway are anything like you, I sure hope that I get to visit Norway someday But hopefully in the summer, brrrrr, those snowy mountains look c-o-l-d !
Thank you for sharing that pretty award with me, it makes me so happy to see these little icons full of bloggy friendship. I feel like a school child with a basket full of Valentine cards that I can take out and read over and over again,
Love, Bridget

Nancy sa...

Hi Monica, Thank you so much!!! Please except my apology for just now getting by...It has been so crazy around here w/ the show and then Thanksgiving, that I haven't even had the computer on very much! I reall appreciate at you and the fact that you chose me, means so much!!! I will add this to a post real soon. Blessings, nancy