tirsdag 11. november 2008

grandmothers treasures..

Here we go...
This first one really captures how people lived before...
and I was so lucky as to inherit this from one of my grandmothers.... my fathers mother... she had this in her house, and it was the one thing that really reminded me of visits at her house.
SO although it's a little oldfashioned, I still love it!

This next one my fathers mother made for me, after my father died...
I had to take the picture from an angle, so the flash wouldn't ruin the picture,
beacuse it's behind glass.
Can you imagine all the times she would have to change colors??
It came in this frame (that you can hardly see) , and it's an expensive frame,
so I was in an Aaaww, when I got it.
This next one is that same grandmothers pillow, that I got to take home after she had passed... I didn't need/want a whole lot, just things that reminded me of her...
and I just love the colors!!!

Now to my other grandmother.. this next pillow I got when my mothers mother passed away last year... it has some beautiful details.. and is very very beautiful!!!

And on to my favorite pillow... this one I got from the same grandmother as the last one... and you know what?? I think this actually used to belong to my great-grandmother. the one in the picture that I told you about!.... Maybe this pillow is from the united states?? It looks REALLY old, and looks so fragile (but it isn't) I simply love it!!! I think this is a beautiful piece of art!!

and here's a close up for you Jessica ;-)

All these things, don't really fit in at my house, but they are so dear to me... so I don't really care!
I have table cloths and pillow cases too.. but I am going to save that for later!!
Hope you enjoyed!

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Bridget sa...

Those are so beautiful!

I live in San Jose and I lived in Saratoga closer to Santa Cruz during the earthquake of October 1989. I have a blog post I wrote about it a few months ago.

Monica S sa...

I will have to look it up tomorrow.. as you see on my clock it's waaaay passed my bedtime :)
Hope you read this!


Jessica sa...

Oh Monica~ I'm in heaven. :) The pictures are amazing! I have never seen anything like them. I love, love, love the pillows, too. Just incredible hand work....oh I wish I knew how to do that. I'm so glad you shared these treasures and it's okay that they don't 'fit' into your home....they fit in your heart. :)

Hugs~ J.

P.S. I have a cupcake recipe somewhere but my grannie taught me a trick for boxed cakemixes. Add an extra egg and you know what? It really works! :)

nikkicrumpet sa...

WOW...I can't even begin to imagine the talent, dedication, and patience it would take to creat things that beautiful. What special treasures they are!!!!

Monica S sa...

I just remembered my norwegian dress.. called "bunad"... Oh You should've seen it!!!! Maybe something to blog about some other time!


Nancy sa...

Oh Monica, What wonderful treasures you have!!! Nancy

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

I absolutely adore the white pillow. They are all treasures.

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
Your Family is so talented. Everything is so nice! The picture of the little girl is so beautiful. What a lucky lady you are to have such wonderful heirlooms.

onlymehere sa...

Hi, I'm Cindy and I found you through Buffie. I love these treasures that your grandmother's made. Absolutely gorgeous!! I do handwork and really appreciate how much time and effort goes into them. I'm so glad that you were able to keep a piece of their art work....I really do think that it's art that is done with a needle and thread and fabric and not with paint and paper. I'll be back to see what you won from Buffie and to look at your blog closer!!

Buffie sa...

Oh wow....those are all so beautifully done! I used to do needle work too and also know the worlk that goes into it! I think it's so awesome that you have these to treasure...you're a lucky girl!

Buffie :)

Monica S sa...

Hi Cindy.. welcome to Norway!!
I took a peek at your blog.. and saw that I've visited before :-)
I'll link you

AND welcome back!!

Monica S sa...

:-) Thanks Buffie

Good to hear you like needlework!!
;-) (say no more) hehe..


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Believe me I know needlework. This is excellent work. What a treasure!! I used to work in a needlework store. I just found some pieces of cross-stitch and embordiery work that I had forgotten all about. What a nice surprise. You are lucky to have such wonderful family treasures.

Monica S sa...

You should stop by again for my next post!! .. it's already out!