mandag 3. november 2008

HaLlOwEeN !!!! Boooo!!

My pumpkin
there's no tradition for halloween in our country, but being who I am, and having lived "over there" for a couple of years of my life, I still think it's a bit fun to carve a pumpkin, if I can find one.. (not always as easy as it might seem)
This year I did, and I made it into a
happy smiler :-D
My daughters birthday is on halloween, so I like to make this day a little bit special for her. They don't always go "trick or treat"-ing, because it's not "in our blood" and the poor old people around here don't much like it, and get a bit scared seeing all the monsters and spooky creatures they dress up as.. but sometimes they do, and I have told them they don't really have to be scary.
This year my daughter turned 13 (magic number) and went out with a couple of girlfriends, when they came back they said... "never again, this was embarrasing.. there were only kids out there.. with their parents mostly!" so this was her last year dressed up for halloween and trick or treat-ing!!
She is all grown up it seems. ;-)

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