tirsdag 30. desember 2008

Happy New Year everyone!!!!



I have taken a few days off from blogging.. and spent some time with my family, playing games and eating all kinds of good food and christmas snacks … hehe.. clothes fit still, so I hope everything will be like normal when 2009 comes! hehe..

I have also been working a little bit, but feel so lucky this year with the days off (so many of them) and that is really nice!! I needed a little break now! :-)

Hope everything is well with all of you , and that 2009 will be a great year for all of us!

New years hug from me to you!

onsdag 24. desember 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS.. (and decorations)

jul 001

Kitchen table

jul 012 

Piano with gingerbread house..

jul 003

and the little snowbaby family

jul 007

kids made the gingerbread house…

jul 008

jul 009

jul 010

aren’t they cute?

And here’s the REAL family to remember

 jul 006

my livingroom window

jul 013

Coast santas…

jul 014

These little ones are made by my kids

jul 015

under the TV

my son made that boat..

jul 016

American santa..

jul 017

Oh Christmas tree..

this year decorated by the kids alone..

jul 018

My “julehjerter” with candy inside..

jul 019 

jul 020

jul 021

jul 022

jul 023

on top of our fireplace.. look at the old skiis..

can you see them??

jul 036

Little tablecloth saying Merry Christmas

jul 037

My daughter made this angel..

jul 042

alongside Buffies little gift..

jul 043

This was some of my christmas decor…



~~ Greetings from Monica and family ~~

søndag 21. desember 2008

The fourth candle is lit….

The fourth candle is lit!

the first for joy

the second for hope

the third for longing

and the fourth for peace on earth

advent 043

I have to once again thank all of you lovely ladies for all the nice comments! I am so blessed to have found you all, and those of you that have found me.. I’d like to send a thanks to.. I am so happy to know you all!! Well.. I don’t REALLY know you, but I am sure if we ever got to meet, we’d have a wonderful time. I SO enjoy each and every one of you! Thank you for being my friend!

I have decided to put all sad things behind me, and focus on today, and the people I LOVE!

Today is a special day.. me and my husband got engaged on this day 14 years ago!!

Last year my niese had her first baby on this day as well….


Isn’t she just beautiful??

Look at that little hand!


Time goes by so quickly!

Look at this princess!


Isn’t she just adorable??

I will be back before christmas for sure…

I have to wish you all a merry christmas!! SO be sure to come back!!

Hugs and kisses;

tirsdag 16. desember 2008

You raise me up.....

Thank you all for kind words...


One of the young men that died in that fire was my sisters nephew, and he is the second one lost within one and a half year.... and before that they lost a niese too.. so this was a tough,tough day for them. And having had these fine young adults in my life too, I miss them all dearly. It's hard to understand how ONE family can be hit SO hard time and time again.


Don't feel sorry for me... I am just sad for them!


MY nephew and nieses having to deal with the loss of their third cousin.. is about more than I can bare, but there's only so much you can do.... I just feel SO sorry for them!


Leaving you today with this beautiful song and lyrics.

Take good care of your love ones.. and remember to tell them:



mandag 15. desember 2008

The third candle is lit - for longing…

It is the third sunday of advent…

advent 001

The first candle stands for joy

the second candle for hope

the third for longing….

And a day for longing it turned out to be for four families today.

A house burnt “to the ground” in the small town I grew up in. Killing four young adults!

I know the people that lived in the house, and it has been such a sad day. I don’t want to go into details on the blog about this…


I had so many plans for today.. BUT I lost every will to do anything with these sad news.

Will be back with something happier tomorrow!

fredag 12. desember 2008

just an update… and a recipe

Hello again

I have been crocheting…. this was so much fun.. and very easy and quickly made. I have made one each night…they are shawls... Not the brightest of colors.. but I am sure it looks good for those they are made for… 

 advent 002

advent 003 

I have been so fascinated by the sky lately… take a look.. I caught the moon too…

advent 001

advent 010

advent 011

And the morning sun this morning made the mountain look like gold!

advent 013

advent 014

And Buffie… here’s that recipe…

2 eggs

1 cup sugar

1,76 ounces potato flour

6,4 ounces of coconut (the white fluffy part only)

1/4 teaspoon baking powder/soda

split the eggs…

whisk egg whites and sugar until stiff (sort of)

mix in the yolks

add everything else and hand mix this with a “whatchamightcallit” .. those with soft end.. that makes it easy to take batter out of pots..

Put on baking pan, like you would chocolate chip cookies.. and bake in the oven like those too..

(this is so different from our ovens.. so do what you usually do with small cookies) They are supposed to look somewhat like these.


advent 018

torsdag 11. desember 2008

Butterfly award from Buffie…

A while back I got yet another award from Buffie's World…. THANK you soooo much Buffie!!!

butterfly_award from Buffie

I am supposed to give it to TEN bloggers… Hmmm let’s see…. I choose:


Ma’dame French at British Colonial Love Affair

Suzanne at Coloradolady

Rue at Rue's peanut butter and jelly life

Justine at Tiney's Froggy Bloggy

Rachael at Boys Will B Boys


Terrie at Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

Shelia at Note Songs

Laura at Decor to Adore

Sondra Behne at The Many Shades of Pink

Hope you enjoy!!

I am having the day off today, and I am planning to try to get some christmas shopping done… I am actually hoping to get done today !!?? (I won’t )

THANKS AGAIN Buffie!!! And I will see what I can do about that recipe… I will have to translate it and change the deciliter measures into cups for you! :-) But that shouldn’t be too difficult!

onsdag 10. desember 2008

I believe in Santa Claus….

I just want to give tribute to Santa……. with this little poem/story that I have been keeping close to my heart ever since I layed my eyes on it…. This tells me that Santa lives in us all…

Santa's Secret Wish                    

On Christmas Eve, a young boy with light in his eyes
Looked deep into Santa's, to Santa's surprise
And said as he sat on Santa's broad knee,
"I want your secret. Tell it to me."
He leaned up and whispered in Santa's good ear
"How do you do it, year after year?"


"I want to know how, as you travel about,
Giving gifts here and there, you never run out.
How is it, Dear Santa, that in your pack of toys
You have plenty for all of the world's girls and boys?
Stays so full, never empties, as you make your way
From rooftop to rooftop, to homes large and small,
From nation to nation, reaching them all?"


And Santa smiled kindly and said to the boy,
"Don't ask me hard questions. Don't you want a toy?"
But the child shook his head, and Santa could see
That he needed the answer. "Now listen to me,"
He told that small boy with the light in his eyes,
"My secret will make you sadder and wise.


"The truth is that my sack is magic. Inside
It holds millions of toys for my Christmas Eve ride.
But although I do visit each girl and each boy
I don't always leave them a gaily wrapped toy.
Some homes are hungry, some homes are sad,
Some homes are desperate, some homes are bad.
Some homes are broken, and the children there grieve.
Those homes I visit, but what should I leave?


"My sleigh is filled with the happiest stuff,
But for homes where despair lives toys aren't enough.
So I tiptoe in, kiss each girl and boy,
And I pray with them that they'll be given the joy
Of the spirit of Christmas, the spirit that lives
In the heart of the dear child who gets not, but gives.


"If only God hears me and answers my prayer,
When I visit next year, what I will find there
Are homes filled with peace, and with giving, and love
And boys and girls gifted with light from above.
It's a very hard task, my smart little brother,
To give toys to some, and to give prayers to others.
But the prayers are the best gifts, the best gifts indeed,
For God has a way of meeting each need.


"That's part of the answer. The rest, my dear youth,
Is that my sack is magic. And that is the truth.
In my sack I carry on Christmas Eve day
More love than a Santa could e`er give away.
The sack never empties of love, or of joys
`Cause inside it are prayers, and hope. Not just toys.
The more that I give, the fuller it seems,
Because giving is my way of fulfilling dreams.


"And do you know something? You've got a sack, too.
It's as magic as mine, and it's inside of you.
It never gets empty, it's full from the start.
It's the center of lights, and love. It's your heart.
And if on this Christmas you want to help me,
Don't be so concerned with the gifts `neath your tree.
Open that sack called your heart, and share
Your joy, your friendship, your wealth, your care."


The light in the small boy's eyes was glowing.
"Thanks for your secret. I've got to be going."
"Wait, little boy," Said Santa, "don't go.
Will you share? Will you help? Will you use what you know?"
And just for a moment the small boy stood still,
Touched his heart with his small hand and whispered, "I will."