onsdag 24. desember 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS.. (and decorations)

jul 001

Kitchen table

jul 012 

Piano with gingerbread house..

jul 003

and the little snowbaby family

jul 007

kids made the gingerbread house…

jul 008

jul 009

jul 010

aren’t they cute?

And here’s the REAL family to remember

 jul 006

my livingroom window

jul 013

Coast santas…

jul 014

These little ones are made by my kids

jul 015

under the TV

my son made that boat..

jul 016

American santa..

jul 017

Oh Christmas tree..

this year decorated by the kids alone..

jul 018

My “julehjerter” with candy inside..

jul 019 

jul 020

jul 021

jul 022

jul 023

on top of our fireplace.. look at the old skiis..

can you see them??

jul 036

Little tablecloth saying Merry Christmas

jul 037

My daughter made this angel..

jul 042

alongside Buffies little gift..

jul 043

This was some of my christmas decor…



~~ Greetings from Monica and family ~~

8 kommentarer:

Jessica sa...

Monica~ I absolutely love all the decorations your children made and your tree is perfect. Love your piano, too....it's stunning.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Hugs~ J

Anonym sa...

Beautiful decorations, Monica! Your children are quite talented with all the cute things that they made :-) Have a wonderful and very blessed Christmas!


mrsben sa...

Hi Monica....Thanks for the Holiday Tour of your home. I think my favourite of your decorations has to be the 'woven heart'. The children did a magnificent job on decorating the tree!!!

As you are about six hours ahead of us, I just want to wish YOU and those who are close to your heart A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and A JOYOUS SEASON! Sending many hugs to you in Norway. -Brenda-

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

Oh I love the kids in terra cotta pots!

God Jul!

Tootsie sa...

hello beautiful...sorry it has taken so long to get back to you...I have loved all your messages. and your house looks fantastic!
Merry Christmas to you friend from my side of the world to yours!

Bridget sa...

Your children did a great job with your tree and I love all of your decorations. Your house looks so pretty. The woodwork around the window is so beautiful.
Stay warm and have a very Merry Christmas.
Hugs, Bridget

Buffie sa...

Merry, Merry Christmas Monica! I love your tree, the kids did a great job, tell them Buffie said it's beautiful! Hope your day was a wonderful one!
Buffie :)

Bridget sa...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that your new year will be wonderful!
Hugs, Bridget