mandag 8. desember 2008

The second candle is lit….

Hi every body!!

Today I want to show you that I HAVE done some christmas decorating too… but just a little bit.. for advent.

Today we lit the second candle…

advent 021

Even though last weekend was busy, I still got out my advent stars…. and the christmas curtains for my kitchen .. this is what it looked like before.  (even before I got my windows cleaned… oops)

seb og party 063

And this is what it looked like  after I had washed and hung the curtains , the star and the tree.

seb og party 064

You like??

Look at the star and the tree in the window up close…

seb og party 067

seb og party 068

and this is the one I made ( that I have shown you before) but now in a better photo…

seb og party 065

And today me and my kids finally did  get around to do some baking..

advent 009

advent 011

advent 012

this  is the before picture of the gingerbread cookies… and  take a look at these after the kids had decorated them… aren’t they christmasy??

advent 013


here are some close ups too…

advent 014

advent 015

advent 016

wouldn’t you just love to take a bite?? Did you notice that some of them were a little bigger?? and with their names on them?? I usually hang these in the window during christmas.. for decor… and Lexi is this little girl

advent 004

She was trying to hide, so that I wouldn’t send her away from the kitchen ;-) haha.

And last but not least I made some other cookies too… from coconut (?)

advent 018

They are yummy!!

Well.. that’s it for now!! Wish I could’ve invited you all over for a taste and a coffee!! :-)

Have a great day everyone!!

11 kommentarer:

Ma'dame French sa...

I love the decorations and those cookies look so yummy;) Now I am hungry;) lol French;)

Anonym sa...

Love the decorations and the cookies! Your children are so cute! Lexi is darling too. Don't you love when the dog gets in the kitchen hoping for a scrap or two to fall from the counter.

We talked about the significance of the advent wreath and the colors of the candles in my CCD (Catholic Sunday school) class. My students shared how they lit their advent candles on Sunday evenings.

Thanks for the great photos :-)

Tootsie sa...

looks so beautiful! and yummy! I can't pick a favorite...I love it all!

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

The decorations are all beautiful Monica. And the gingerbread cookies are amazing! Your kids did a wonderful job on them!
By the way...The word coconut is right. I bet they tasted really good.
Have a great week,

Sondra Behne' sa...

MY My there were a lot of cookies. It must of took you all day, but I am sure every moment was cherished by you and your lovely children.

Do stop by and check out our pink contest going on right now @

Hope to see you there.

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

Oooh yummy! I love the star in the window.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, I love your Christmas decorations. Your kids are adorable. And those gingerbread cookies do look yummy. I think they are too pretty to eat. Please.. put holes in the top of each one and string them with ribbon. Then, mail them to Iowa! I want to hang them on my Christmas tree. lol
Hugs, Terrie

Buffie sa...

First I have to tell you that you have the CUTEST kids ever! :)
Your windows look beautiful all decorated too! The cookies look so yummy and I love coconut, I need to get that recipe from you soon...

Buffie :)

Jessica sa...

Monica~ Your kids are darling and Lexi is too cute for words! ALL the cookies look great ( & yummy ), did you save us some? Great window treatments, too. Looks alot like Christmas to me. :)

Hugs~ J

nikkicrumpet sa...

Love the curtains...and oh my those cookies are little works of art!!! Too pretty to eat!

Nancy sa...

Monica, I love your decorations and those cookies are so sweet! Love the curtains too!! Great post! Nancy