tirsdag 2. desember 2008

I won, I won, I won, I won!!!!!

….I got a brown box in the mail today.. could it be???…. yes!!!  It’s the package from Buffie…

Texas 003

All other plans were put aside.. I had to open this box and see the 118 things she had come up with!!!! ;-)

You see.. she missed her 100th post, and noticed it on her 118th post.. so she promised the 18th commenter 118 things!!!  and I won…. I had the advantage of being off from work that day… and could check in more frequently than most of the other sweet ladies!

Ladies… are you anxiously waiting for me to open this box?? Oh.. ok…. First thing I noticed when I opened the box was this wonderful scent! Mmmm… something in there smells really good!! Then I saw this:

Texas 018

Oh… sweet Buffie had sent me a postcard with the Texan armadillo!!!!! (belive it or not, but I have petted one) the card is prettier and more vibrant in its color in real life.. I had to turn off the flash for these pictures.

Anyway… I know, I know.. off to what she had sent me….

Texas 016

did she expect me to count all these stars and hearts??? Are there 118??

There were alot more I did count!! ;-) hehe….. no… I am just kidding!!  But I did figure out that there had to be over 400!!!!! Way more than she had promised!!!  hahaha!!!  NO.. all jokes aside…….take a look at this :

Texas 021


There was a theme in the box.. suddenly it all turned into lavender… every little thing was wrapped in lavender colored silk paper…

Take a look at what she sent me:

Texas 008

Texas 009

Texas 011

Texas 012

Isn’t it just wonderful.. I wish you all could smell the lovely scents these presents send out….. but it didn’t stop there… look at this lovely lavender jewelry box she sent me….

Texas 013

It had something inside… also notice the beautiful rim around the edge.

Texas 014

Awww a little lavender bloom

Texas 015

Aaaand to top it all off she sent me a beautiful book about Texas.

Texas 017

I sat down to read… and it turned out it was full of the most gorgious pictures  from the state of Texas… and do you know what?? It really worked on me…. I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!

Breathtaking !!!!

And here’s everything

Texas 020

Thank you so very much Buffie!!! A simple thank just doesn’t do these wonderful things justice!!! I so wish I could have given you a great big hug!!!


I am so looking forward to my next bath! ;-) with my new lavender soap!!


I already had a cup of lavender & hibiscus tea… mmmm lovely!

Texas 024

This will probably do wonders for my sore muscles too Buffie!!

You are the sweetest ever!! Thanks alot!!

10 kommentarer:

Buffie sa...

Aw, you're so sweet! I'm glad you like them! It does smell very good, Finn won't be able to leave you alone! lol! I'm also glad you were my 118th post winner or I wouldn't have gotten to meet you! :)

haha, you're right, it is neat seeing things I picked out and touched all the way over there in Norway!


Rachael sa...

You lucky girl! What a great package. Thanks for the comment on my Christmas decor. I am still working on it so I will try not to be so hard on myself ;-)

Bridget sa...

Texas is wonderful and so is Buffie!

Tootsie sa...

what a great package! enjoy!

Nancy sa...

Oh Monica, I am so glad you won! Congrats! I know you will enjoy everything you won! Nancy

Ma'dame French sa...

How lucky are you! You got a ton of goodies there;) Congrats!! French;)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

What a beautiful gift, congrats!!
please stop by when you get a chance. I have an award for you!!

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Wow Monica,
You really did get a great package..I can smell the lavender all the way here in Seattle!


nikkicrumpet sa...

What sweet gifts Buffie sent. I can see why you were so excited! It is so much fun to get a surprise package...and even more fun when it's full of wonderful treasures!!!

Jessica sa...

What great gifts~ enjoy them!