torsdag 11. desember 2008

Butterfly award from Buffie…

A while back I got yet another award from Buffie's World…. THANK you soooo much Buffie!!!

butterfly_award from Buffie

I am supposed to give it to TEN bloggers… Hmmm let’s see…. I choose:


Ma’dame French at British Colonial Love Affair

Suzanne at Coloradolady

Rue at Rue's peanut butter and jelly life

Justine at Tiney's Froggy Bloggy

Rachael at Boys Will B Boys


Terrie at Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity

Shelia at Note Songs

Laura at Decor to Adore

Sondra Behne at The Many Shades of Pink

Hope you enjoy!!

I am having the day off today, and I am planning to try to get some christmas shopping done… I am actually hoping to get done today !!?? (I won’t )

THANKS AGAIN Buffie!!! And I will see what I can do about that recipe… I will have to translate it and change the deciliter measures into cups for you! :-) But that shouldn’t be too difficult!

12 kommentarer:

Sondra Behne' sa...

Hello Monica I am so honored, thanks a million... your too sweet. Please email @ with you address so I can send you a free sample of my new fragrance "Torn Desire" for linking me on your blog.

I will be back soon

Ma'dame French sa...

Thank you so much sweet Monica;) French

Anonym sa...

Monica you are just the best! Thanks for the award!

I hope you enjoy your day off and do get some shopping done. I am sooo... behind on my shopping. I guess I will start this weekend :-)

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

Oh sweet happiness Monica! You are to kind. Thank you so very much. I will post about it in the near future.

Jessica sa...

Morning Monica~ thank you so much!!! It snowed here last was sooooo beautiful!!

Hugs~ J

Jessica sa...

Lol....we left messages at the same time. :) I couldn't believe the snow actually stayed on the ground. It's melting away this morning, but it was such a special treat!

Buffie sa...

Well at least you know HOW to translate to American recipes!! Have fun shopping!

Thanks! Buffie :)

Tootsie sa...

thanks sweetie pie! I will post it as soon as I can...most likely not until next week!
hope you are well....

Tootsie sa...

by the made my day!!!! I love this award!

nikkicrumpet sa...

Congrats on the pretty award!! I hope you have a great day shopping and actually get it DONE!

And yes the sauce is the same under and over the chicken...just simple bottled sauce!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Ahhh... Thanks my friend!! I hope you have a wonderful time Christmas shopping!!
Hugs, Terrie

Justine sa...

Aw, thanks for the award, girly! I already have this one, but it's still nice to be thought of!!!!!

Justine :o )