torsdag 30. oktober 2008

winter wonderland

more snow photos

these mountains are behind our house,
and are great for hiking.....
summer and winter.

tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

the first snow

view from my kitchen

Last night the snow came...
Too soon, I am not ready for this yet.
I had so hoped for a much longer fall.....
but I must admit, it is kind of beautiful.
Come to think of it, x-mas is not all that far away...
my oh my how time flies...
soon we will have to start thinking about all the presents,
x-mas cards and baking cookies for the holidays.
It is a wonderful time of the year,
just like the song says.
So peaceful, full of love and consideration for others.
How can you not love x-mas!?
Leaving you with these few thoughts right now...
have a wonderful fall/winter
so long

mandag 27. oktober 2008

To amazing women

Here's to you my friends
pick it up!!