søndag 16. november 2008


while preparing my BUNAD pictures..
I will introduse you to my
I visited my mother today, and she has this wonderful picture on the wall.. IT looks like it's been drawn in charcoal or something... it must be really old!!!! My grandmother was born in 1919, her mother in the late 1800's... so this photo could be from 1870-80's... I'm not sure.

These two imigrated from Finland to America, and made their home on the EAST-coast somewhere... I must investigate! They are buried there, their graves are probably gone a long time ago.. with no family around...... my great-grandmother moved to Portland and then to Norway... (luckily for ME )

(for any newcomers.. you can read about that a couple of posts down)

What struck me in this photo is that HE has brown eyes! MY son has brown eyes, from his brown-eyed father most likely.. but my mother has always found that special, saying we have never had brown eyes in our family!!! HM! I must ask her to take a second look at this picture.. like me, she has probably not REALLY looked at it.
Poor things... they look so bored!
They've probably sat that way for a while. hehe!!
But you got to love their clothes!

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Anonym sa...

That's a beautiful picture! It's always neat to come across those old pictures isn't it?

Bridget sa...

Funny but brown eyes are as common as dirt in my family. lol My father does have blue eyes though...the only one. The picture of your great grandparents is really fantastic. What a lovely keepsake to have in your family.
That would be wonderful if you could find out where they lived and where they were buried. Maybe you will meet another blogger from that town.

Nancy sa...

Hi Monica, That is a wonderful picture and what a family treasure you will always have! Isn't it funny how looking back at OLD family pictures...no one ever smiled....they did have to sit there a long time.LOL Blessings, Nancy

Tonje sa...

What a great picture. I would think that this is quite special since it's in colour... don't you think? My mum has a wall full of photos of old relatives at home, but none of the older ones are coloured... but it's good fun to look at them and try to get to know them a bit better.

Oh... and I like the lady's hat...

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

I adore old photos and this is one of the best that I've seen. Just gorgeous!

Monica S sa...

you don't see it in this photo, but it's quite big too.. it's probably 40x50cm.
It's in an oval frame and is just very decorative!