fredag 30. januar 2009

Place a ribbon on your blog…

Thanks to our very own Nikkicrumpet at


I happened to discover a beautiful blog that made me very emotional!!

During our busy days we don’t always STOP and think of everyone that WISH they were at work today.. instead of in their bed, or at a hospital or some kind of clinic trying to recover from some kind of illness….

I have made a few stops in my life… I have lost family-members, and I fear loosing friends, it just doesn’t matter IF they are family OR friends OR strangers even… I just wish there was NO such thing as CANCER!! and of course other things that are life threatening…



I happened to stumble upon

Elisabeth and Roy’s blog over at roy's progress!

Please go there.. Elisabeth must be one of the most generous people I have “met”.. she’s even having a GREAT give-away


Read  her posts… it’s SO worth it!


And please take this


15 kommentarer:

roy/elisabeth dean sa...

Monica, thank you so much...what a sweet post!
I love the button, but how do I get it to my blog?
You're a doll!
♥ Lilly

Tootsie sa...

You are the sweetest!!!! I took the top one instead...hope that works!

Anonym sa...

Thanks Monica---

I will definitely add this to my blog. My mother-in-law died of cancer, it was a rare form called Neuroendocrine Cancer. She was diagnosed in September of 2006 and was gone by that March, it was tragically quick.
I feel for anyone that is facing cancer right now.

Anonym sa...

One more do I get the ribbon that sparkles? Is it on a website? When I tried to upload from your gave me a plain one!

~♥~ Monica S sa...

click the image... and it will come up on a second page.. then right click and choose to save!


Anonym sa...

GM Monica, I hope someday you get to visit Florida, it's a great place to visit. Then there's Disney World, ninety minutes from me. I loved your post and I'll take Nikki's and put it on my sidebar too.


Jessica sa...

I wish there wasn't a thing called cancer~ cancer has taken so many lives~ & much too soon.

Tootsie sa...

have a great weekend sweetie pie!!!!

Smilingsal sa...

I'm a cancer survivor. Thanks.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents sa...

Hi Monica! What a great idea. I will go visit the blog you recommend ~ I lost my dear daddy & an aunt to cancer.

Thanks also for participating in Sondra's Beat the Clock contest!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Claudie sa...

WOW great giveaway.
But I was here for your diamonds girl.
Gotta run
Love Claudie


Oh...Monica...I came searching for pink diamond hearts...AND found this lovely blog....please stop and see me sometime...I will be back!

Jill sa...

MOnica I am taking the ribbon and showing it proudly!!!!!!!!! Cancer is a horrible thing! I have lost many people in my life to it!

Anonym sa...

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