lørdag 24. januar 2009

Dinner’s ready!!


What am I making???


TACO.. of course.. it’s saturday, and taco is everyones favorite!!


MMmmmm lots of goodies here…..


Table is set.. and all we need now is the fried grounded meat with all the goooood spices in it.. and the taco shells, and of course the burritoes.


After this delicious meal, we are going to have a social TV night together… mmm it’ll be nice!


Have a fun saturday-night everybody!!! I know I am going to….. wish you could’ve been here!!

16 kommentarer:

Rachael sa...

Yummy and fun! We haven't had tacos in a really long time! I am going to have to put that on my menu plan for next week ;-)

Enjoy your family time!

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

I've never seen cucumbers in a taco. I'll have to try it.

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Cucumbers gives it a FRESH taste!! I LOVE it! :-)

Tootsie sa...

hey! what time did you say we should arrive? I am on my way!!! I am also going to add cucumber to my next taco....that sounds very good!

enjoy your weekend

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Ah.. that'd be so nice Tootsie!!
Come right away!

bj sa...

Yummy yummy...tacos are one of my very favorites!! I'd like two, please!!
xo bj

Nancy sa...

My family looooves taco night! Not me though...but I do fix it for them sometimes! Good idea...for all those toppings. Looks so colorful and festive for taco night! Blessings,Nancy

Shelia sa...

Evening, Monica! Love tacos! Hope you have some left overs I'll be right over! I wish!lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jessica sa...

I hope you had a wonderful family night~ tacos are my favorite! I use thin sliced cucumbers on my hamburgers...it is YUM!

Hugs~ J

Susan S. sa...

It good to know Taco's bring joy ALL over the world! Have a great Social Night!
PS: The kittens and Mom in the previous post are PRECIOUS!

Justine sa...

Mmm... yummy!

Having a problem with your blog. It's loading all wonky! Words are going off the black background, and when I first come here, all I see is a mess of html. Wonder why?

Justine :o )

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Oh Justine.. that sounds awful.. but I am not having any problems myself.. let me know if any others have the same problem...

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, I love tacos and burritos. It took me by surprise that you are enjoying them in Norweign. I have to give the cucumbers a try. It does sound refreshing.I love the green plates. And the primrose. I hope you enjoyed your family night.

Bridget sa...

I used to love taco night when I was a child. Something about putting your own food together like that is very pleasing. I love Mexican food too.
I was surprised to find a taco bar in the Ahlens cafeteria and I enjoyed it with a Pepsi Max which I have now come to learn is Pepsi with more caffeine. I would not have drank it if I had known that.
I think you have started a new trend all over the U.S. for cucumber in our tacos!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Bridget

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
Your tacos look yummy!!! I love your dinner plates too! Hope you had a fun social night!

Trooper Thorn sa...

When in doubt about what to make my kids for supper, but there is always tacos!