mandag 12. januar 2009

Will you look at this…….

Today we took all our christmas decorations down…. Except for one thing I noticed a few minutes ago.. but that is gone by morning :-)

NOW.. all my chritsmas decor goes into this little old thing!

kiste 007

kiste 008

It’s not so pretty, BUT IT’S PRETTY VALUABLE to me… it used to belong to my great-great grandfather.

His name was Elias K. Jakobson K. and as you can see by the date of year 1861… this thing is pretty old..

kiste 001

BUT Take a look at this my friends

kiste 015

IT says 1809 right??

This thing is 200 years old!!! :-) wooow!

That means we’re going so far back that me and my husbands families are united.. YES that’s right!

We have discovered that waay back in our families we have the VERY same GREAT-great-Great-gREAT- grandfather haha!!! :-)

kiste 022

And his name was Mads Johannesson …. notice the MJ on the left upper side on that photo?? Yep.. this must’ve been his…  BUT there is also an SK on the right side.. I will have to figure out why?? could it be his wife??

Anyway.. I love this old thing… and it’s VERY dear to me :-)  And now it holds most of my christmas decor inside of it… so it’s not so very small actually! 

Have a great day!!

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Rachael sa...


That trunk is SO NEAT! I wouldn't say it's not pretty...I think it is pretty, it has so much character. How interesting that you have a 200 year old trunk AND you and your husband are distantly related.

Thanks for sharing that, I enjoyed it!!!

Bridget sa...

Monica I think your treasure chest is very beautiful. Happy 200th birthday to it. lol
What a surprise to find out that you and your husband share a very distant relative.
I finally got my last bits of Christmas out of the house this afternoon. Now i'm ready for Spring!

Buffie sa...

So do I! I think it's so cool! What a treasure to have.

Buffie :)

Justine sa...

Actually, I think it's beautiful, in all its original glory! Now how did you find out that you and hubby have the same relative from that far back?

Justine :o )

Karen sa...

Good Morning Monica,
I just adore the chest. It warms my heart to think so many people have made it apart of their lives and it must have contained so many interesting things.
My husband made me a cedar chest when we were dating, it was for my 18th birthday. It's my all time favorite piece. This year he engraved the inside with our names and the date he made it. I was so happy. May be 200 years from now someone will still be using it and wondering who Brian and Karen were and what did they use it for!

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica! Oh, I love your olden trunk and the history behind it! Isn't that something that you and your husband are connected way back there? Love the writing on the trunk too! Hope all is well with you, Dear ONe!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Rue sa...

Hi Monica :)

That trunk is beautiful and what a treasure it is!

Would you belive that Rich are realted too! 7 or 8 generations back LOL


Marilyn sa...

Hi Monica...thank you for your lovely message! You have a great Australian accent :) Your blog is lovely and I shall keep visiting you. Marilyn

Jessica sa...


I am completely intrigued with that trunk. What a wonderful treasure.

Thank you for your kind words on my 100th~ you are too sweet. I'm really thankful to be able to call you my friend. :)

Hugs~ J

Smilingsal sa...

Thanks for sharing your special trunk. The memories and its usefulness make it a treasure.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, This truck is fabulous! You are very lucky it stayed in the family. How cool that you and your dh are actually related generation back. I think there is probably a lot more of that then we actually know. I know Larry and I aren't related. He is pure Dutch!! I am German/Swed/??? LOL
Hugs, Terrie

Debi sa...

Ah Monica dear,
How special to have your great-great grandfathers trunk, and to have it turn out to be both your husbands and yours great-great=great=great grandfathers!!!
I don't know many people that can say they have that much history in your house!! I think it is GREAT!! :D Enjoy it dear, and let me know what you find out about hte SK.
I loved reading about your very precious story!!
I know your having a wonderfully blessed day dear, and may it continue :D
Debi xo