mandag 2. februar 2009

Just spreading some ♥ LOVE ♥


Shelia_award- for no reason

A while back I picked this cute award up over at Shelia’s~at Note Songs.. who handed it out to us for no specific reason nor for a specific person.. SO I will do the same for those of you that don’t already have it!

I love you all… my new friends!!


 nobelpris for commenting at Susans

THIS one I picked up over at Susan’s at Susan's Colorful Life for commenting on her post…. So I will do the same for you..  so to any of you that doesn’t already have this Mommy-award, leave me a comment and it’s yours!! :-)

You are all wonderful moms!!


The_Spreader_of_Love_Award from smilingsal

This one I picked up at Smiling Sally’s at Smiling Sally… she thought we all were spreading some love.. and handed this out round handed :-) as we say over here if we give something out to alot of people in good faith and with alot of love and good intentions :-)

So That’s what I will do for you too.. Do you feel you are spreading the LOVE?? Then pick it up!! :-)

AND I – like Sally – think you do..


girls hugging from Smilingsal

So Sally spread even more love and handed out this one…. for good bloggin’ friends..  So here’s a hug from me to you.. take it along!! :-)

Don’t you just feel LOVED right now??

…..I do….


11 kommentarer:

Bridget sa...

Hi Monica, Thank you for sharing all of these awards. I'm taking a few of them. : )

Justine asked me to tell you that she can't get your blog to load. I do not have any trouble myself. She said that she was only getting the html code.

Gail McCormack sa...

Hi Monica

Congratulations on all your awards!

Diane sa...

Hi Monica! The awards are wonderful.

I have a bit of a problem with your blog loading too. At first, I get HTML code, I have to scroll down & I can read your blog. It took a few tries before I realized that I would be able to read it if I scrolled down the page.

♥ Diane

~♥~ Monica S sa...


I know Justine has had trouble with this... I just don't know how to fix it.. it looks just fine to me.. and I haven't had any problem anywhere at all...
I use windows live writer.. maybe it takes longer to load for some of you??? If it is like Diane says!??
I hope so....


bj sa...

Good morning, sweet girl..thank you so much for these awards..I will take them home with me and put them on my sidebar...with love!!
I didn't know about blue keeping flys away...pretty cool !!
xo bj

Jessica sa...

Yep~ I feel loved and very very thankful to have a friend like you!

Hugs~ J

Happy To Be sa...

Yes I feel the love..hope you have a great day..Love from california..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Susan S. sa...

Hi there Monica.....I'm glad you are feeling the love!!! iSN'T IT GREAT to have blog friends! Have an awesome week!

Tootsie sa...

you so deserve all these awards...congrats girl!

Tootsie sa...

you so deserve all these awards...congrats girl!

Nancy sa...

Love your awards! you deserve them! You are a fantastic blogger!