tirsdag 17. februar 2009

The world is in my hands… :-)

He’s got the whole world in his hands…

AND so do I …… and all of you!


 With my little computor.. I can travel wherever I want….

I can go to London (England)


and I can see the Grand Canyon


I can visit San Francisco


I can go to Paris


I can see the Great Wall of China


I can  “design” my own rings




I can  help others


I can visit my friends around the world…. and I can find long lost friends.. and LOTS of new ones :-)


I can share love and friendship… experiences and thoughts… the sky is the limit


I can thank you all for being such great friends!! You have no idea how much I truly appreciate you!


19 kommentarer:

Mrs. B. Silly sa...

What a very sweet post Monica! It is so true. I can come to Norway to visit you just by opening up my laptop computer. Such an amazing world we live in!!
Hugs, Bridget

Shelia sa...

Oh, Monica! How precious! I'm so very glad I've gotten to know you! You're a doll and yes, our computer's are wonderful, aren't they?
Be a sweetie, my friend,
Shelia :)

Jessica sa...

Awe~ this was such a sweet post, Monica.

We cherish you my dear!

Hugs~ J

Smilingsal sa...

What would we do without our computer and the friends who live in them?

artis1111 sa...

What a great post. I haven't been bloging but a year , but I love seeing where everyones from. Kathy

Jill sa...

Sweet post Monica! It is so true about the value of friendships you make here. I never thought I would get so close to people this way.

Miamor sa...

Love it Monica...and the music...makes me wanna dance....around the world....hugs...

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Wonderful post Monica!
My husband and I were watching Amazing Race the other night and they were in Switzerland-I told him I would love to visit Switzerland and he said that he would too. But that he also wanted to visit Ireland then I threw in, "yeah me too and I want to visit my blog friend Monica in Norway too! It's lovely there!"
That said I also want to visit another blog friend in England so I guess we better retire here pretty soon so we CAN visit all these wonderful places!
Have a great week,

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica! I'm so glad you liked my little project!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Gail McCormack sa...

Beautiful Post Monica!

Tootsie sa...

I LOVE this post! You said it all right here!!!!

Anonym sa...

So cute and sweet....love the pretty rings :-)

santamaker sa...

What a wonderful post, Monica. Sometimes I feel guilty that I spend too much time on the computer, but then, it's a window to the world and endless possibilities!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney sa...

Aren't we all so lucky to have the internet? We're able to "meet" and connect with people that we never would have met in real life. I love it!

Justine :o )

Shelia sa...

Hi Dear Monica! Are you tired of all that blog traveling yet? lol
Oh, I remember eating the open faced sandwiches when we were in Oslo. I loved them. Hope your weekend is great!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
What a sweet post! It is wonderful to be able to visit all around the world and more so it is wonderful to meet such dear people...like you!
Have a great weekend.

nikkicrumpet sa...

What a great post!!! And you are totally right...we do have the whole world available to us. I'm so glad I can come here and visit Norway! I really loved this whole idea behind this post. GREAT JOB!

Nancy sa...

Monica, what a sweet post this is! Isn't the computer something else! It has done some amazing things! Nancy

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, This is so sweet. I love your rings. And I am so glad we are friends.
Hugs, Terrie