fredag 6. februar 2009

Our seasons :-)

With a little help from my friend Smiling Sally … I finally will do a post…

I asked her if there was anything she’d like to know about Norway.. and she sent me 5 questions.. I will do ONE in this post.. :-)

1. What are the seasons/temperatures like in Norway?

Well… We have four seasons.. or so they say.. sometimes it feels like only two..


January, Febuary and March are winter-months…IF we’re lucky March can be springlike..


April,May are spring.. OH yes!!!! :-)


(This is what I see when I step outside my door in May)

June,July and August are summer-months


007 (3)

September and October is definatly fall/autumn..

023 (3) 

027 (3)

(my daughter made this on the road.. ) 

November and December.. are winter..

januar 09 054

NOT A WHOLE LOT OF SUMMER compared to Winter is it?? and if the summer is bad.. it seems like Winter and spring/fall all year long.. I don’t like that!! So this year I am hoping for a nice and warm spring… followed by a beautiful summer!!


I thought I was real brave taking this photo…


Wish we had temperatures like this.. but we don’t.. unless we get an “indian-summer” happens… but not often enough.

Our temperatures vary from –20 (at most) to maybe 30 degrees Celcius (if we’re lucky and still didn’t have that indian summer)

The temperatures also vary within the country..and up north they get REALLY cold winters.. could be as cold as  this measurer can measure ;-)

10 kommentarer:

Jessica sa...


Your pictures are gorgeous! Trust me you don't 100 degree We have enough of that for you~ everything wilts.

Big hugs~ J

Smilingsal sa...

I love learning about your country, but it seems that your seasons are much like most of America's. Thanks.

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica!'s still so cold at your house! I love all your beautiful pictures. The picture you took of the bee is just beautiful!
I'm glad you did this post! I love Norway!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jill sa...

I love learning more about your country! Hey do you have Walmart?

Diane sa...

Hi Monica, The pictures are beautiful! It's always so interesting to learn about other places. Great post! ♥ Diane

Rue sa...

Hi Monica :)

Your pictures are beautiful, especially of the bee! Your seasons sound like ours in Ohio, but in California it was spring and summer all the time. It's sounds great, but it's not. Anyway, you know how I feel about that ;)

Thank you for the bookshelf ideas!


Susan S. sa...

How cool to learn those things about Norway. Thanks for sharing! Is there anything about Texas you would like to know? Have a great weekend!

Nancy sa...

WOW Monica, I didn't know this! Those pictures are looks so odd to see snow on a May...when everthing around is Summer looking. Thanks for sharing this info! Blessings, Nancy

Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

What beautiful photographs. I love the heart your daughter made.

Debi sa...

OH Monica dear,
I Love the view out your door in the summer!! It must be really nice to live with a view like that!!!! And the heart your daughter made in the road!! HOW SWEET!!! Did she plant the flowers in it??? I may have to use that idea with the grandchildren this spring!!! They both enjoy planting flowers, just HATE the weeding! lol. Your season's are like ours here in Kansas! But our temps in the summer ARE in the 100's and I don't mean celius! :D :( depends on how you look at it... if you like the heat, it is good, if you don't... well you find the air conditioning! I like the heat myself!! I don't like winter! :D
my favorite times of the year are spring and summer (as you know!)
your pic of the bee... YOU ARE BRAVE!!! I would have gotten stung! lol.
I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear! It was really great catching up with what's going on in your life today! :D
Debi xo