lørdag 21. februar 2009

St.Patricks day give away!!!!

Elisabeth over at roy's progress! has a GREAT give-away

Take a look at this wonderful St.Patricks day give-away


Oh my.. isn’t she just overly generous?? I can’t believe this wonderful woman…

Here she is.. caring for her husband.. that unfortunately has the cancer diagnosis.. and struggling his lifes toughest battle.. and I imagine she does too, right alongside him… YET she still find it in her heart to create these wonderful give-aways…

So here’s to Elisabeth and Roy


…and friends.. just a tip:

Donate to Relay for Life at www.relayforlife.org/autauga team name Belk.

5 kommentarer:

roy/elisabeth dean sa...

Monica~ Thank you so much! We really appreciate your support!
♥, Lilly

artis1111 sa...

This so nice of you to post. Kathy

Smilingsal sa...

What a generous person.

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica!
Hold your little hands out and I'll give you all the gum you want! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

mrsben sa...

Monica, though it's been a while since I popped in I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog. You are such a warm, genuine and talented person. I feel those in Blogland and ones who like myself come to just visit, are fortunate to have met you.
This is such a touching post.