mandag 9. februar 2009

A new project… too much??

I have started a project.. to try to keep myself busy with something….. and now my fingers hurt!!!! :-(

I started last night… and this is how far I have come…


trying to make a slumber-blanket for our couch…






I figure I will have to work at this all year to get it big enough to be a blanket.. what do you think??

Anyway.. we’ve had wonderful weather these last few days…



and tonight it started to snow again.. and still is.. but that’s ok.. we haven’t had any snow since the last time I showed you a picture..

And as you can see in the above picture.. NO snow on the beautiful trees this morning..



Today was mothers day over here… and I slept in.. got a beautiful plant from my husband… and cute cards from my two wonderful children.. and also gifts that they had bought for me.. with their own money.. how cute is that??


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Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, "Happy Mother's Day". It sounds like a great day with your family. I love the slumber blanket you are making. I still use some that my grandma made me in the 70's. They last forever. Yours is going to be beautiful. I can't get over how pretty it is where you live. You are very lucky.
Hugs, Terrie

Shelia sa...

First of all, let me say "Happy Mother's Day! How nice to have been treated so sweetly on your special day! You crocheting is so nice! I crochet too! Thanks for coming by to see Chloe Dawn.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diane sa...

Happy Mothers Day Monica! Your family is sooo sweet to take good care of you! ♥

I can't believe have fast you are at crocheting! It's looking great! I can't crochet or knit anymore. My hands & wrists hurt when I try to do it. :0{

Gail McCormack sa...

Happy Mother's Day Monica!

I love your crocheted rug, I used to love crocheting, these rugs have really come back into fashion

Thanks for your kind thoughts for us over here with our horrific bushfires, the death toll is 130 so far, just tragic

Jill sa...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!
Hey I was in Norway yesterday in Epcot!!!!!! I told someone I had a friend there but I couldn't remember where you lived :(! I took some pics in Epcot for you I will have to send them to you!

Jessica sa...

Happy Mothers Day!!

I just love the blanket you are working on~ the colors are beautiful. You are very talented ( and )

The views outside your home are amazing! Have a beautiful day!

Hugs~ J

~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Happy Mother's Day Monica!
I can't believe you've already gotten that far on your blanket-It is coming along nicely!
We are supposed to get a little snow over here again too. I think it's the last hoopla before Spring hits! (at least I'm hoping)

Things are great over here and the baby is doing amazingly wonderful!(thanks for asking) She is trying really hard to make sounds! So cute!

Smilingsal sa...

Happy Mother's Day, Monica. If your fingers hurt, rest a while. You'll get it finished, and you'll be so proud.

Susan S. sa...

Happy Mother's Day to you! And what a nice day you had!

You have certainly been busy crocheting(?) away. That will be a great blanket for you.

Rachael sa...

The blanket is beautiful....what a great "Mothers's Day" project! Hope you have a great day:-)

By the way, I have deleted my "Boys Will B Boys" blog and started a new one:

I needed to keep my personal life private! The new blog will mostly be about cooking, food, and books!

Come and see me:-)

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
What a beauitful blanket! I love the colors. You are so talented!!!
I know I'm a day late but Happy Mother's Day to you. It certainly sounds like you have a nice one.

Jill sa...

Hey Monica!
If you havent' stopped by my post, do so, so you can participate!

Nancy sa...

Well, Happy Mothers Day to you! That seems so strange to say that in Feb.
I love the colors on the blanket you are making! It will be beautiful when you get it completed! You are very talented!

Blessings, Nancy

nikkicrumpet sa...

If you got that much done in one will be finished in a week!!! Wow you work fast...and it's going to be beautiful when it's done!