tirsdag 3. februar 2009

Let’s go under the sea….

 Hello everyone!!!

Let me take you UNDER WATER!!!!!

I will start by telling you that I live in the far west of this country we call HOME :-) There are fjords everywhere.. and if you remember the scenic pictures a couple of posts down… all the “water” your saw was ocean.. saltwater.. (except for the riverpond where my kids love to go swimming during summer)

If you look at this map below… I live where it says Ørsta… and right behind the “Ø” … up in the mountain side.. overlooking the fjord.


The red ring and the really black lines.. is what I am going to tell you about…. It’s a new road..with 3 tunells  going in ----)    (--- coming out.. see??

Well.. the Looooongest tunell that is crossing the fjord in this map… is actually going under the sea!!

Like this!


And it’s the world deepest undersea tunell at the moment!!!  Here compared to the Eiffel tower..


It is really deep.. and I think it is very loooong too! But it takes us where we want to go.. like visit my hometown.. I am from an island even further west! :-)


This is a picture from the day the tunell opened… people was invited inside the tunell.. and at the VERY bottom there  were speaches and a consert!


Alot of people gathered as you can see! :-)


I had to show you this picture as well.. I have no idea who that man is.. but he probably helped build the tunell.. what I want you to notice is the blue light-line behind him.. this represents the ocean line- sea-level.. so once you have passed this you are actually under water!! Isn’t that kind of amazing??

Now.. have any of you ever driven through a tunell under water before??

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~The Robin's Nest~ sa...

Hi Monica,
My husband and I watched a TV show on how that tunnel was made...So very interesting. Seattle has been thinking of doing tunnels too but only through town not water (at least I don't think it will be thru the water) The only thing I don't like about a tunnel thru the city of Seattle is you don't get to see the beautiful city buildings and skyline. I do however think it would be cool to have a tunnel thru the ocean from Seattle to the San Juans Island. Right now the only way there is by Ferry.
I really enjoyed this post and hopefully some day I can visit your country and take that very cool tunnel and see you!
Have a great week,

Diane sa...

Hi Monica, The pictures are wonderful! You live in a very beautiful country. Yes, it's strange to ride in a tunnel and know the water is overhead. I live about 45-55 minutes from San Francisco. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (B.A.R.T) goes in a tunnel under the bay between Oakland and San Francisco. It would be very creepy to have an earthquake & be in the tunnel. Do you have earthquakes there? ☺ Diane

nikkicrumpet sa...

That really is fascinating! We have a tunnel under water here in Boston...and IT LEAKS! And I've been across Chesapeake Bay where you're under water also...I don't like it!

Bridget sa...

I would not like to drive in that tunnel. We have a tunnel under the San Francisco Bay but it is for the BART train. I have been on the train through the tunnel but I am not fond of doing it.

Stephani Gorman sa...

Hi Monica~I really enjoyed reading your blog! I will be back and thank-you for being a part of the pink diamond hunt! :)Stephani

Justine sa...

Hi Monica! I made it here (finally!) by using a different browser! Yes, I've been in an under-water tunnel many times, going to and from Manhattan in NY. I have to say it's kind of an eerie feeling, knowing that the only thing between you and sudden death is those curved walls. I can't even fathom how a tunnel like that is built. How do they DO it?
And what exactly is a fjord?

Justine :o )

Diane sa...

Hi Monica! I live in South Fremont, close to the Milpitas border. We were almost neighbors! ♥ Diane

Rachael sa...

I am a complete wimp when it comes to tunnels! Everytime we are in New York and have to go through a tunnel...I kind of panic. I am sure there is a medical term for this.....hahahahaha!

I do enjoy these pictures though....you always have such interesting things to share:-)

Susan S. sa...

That's amazing....I had not heard of that tunnel! I think I would be fine to travel on that road but I have a few friends who are "fraidy cats" and probably wouldn't go near it! :)
Thanks for sharing that interesting tidbit!

bj sa...

I do believe I HAVE been in a tunnel beneath the water but I can't remember just where...Houston, maybe ? I'll have to ask my hubby.
Your country is so pretty...

Nancy sa...

Yes Monica, that is amazing! Kinda of freeky to me...I am scared of tunels.
Oh, Thank you so much for entering my 100th post giveaway! YOU are entered! Good luck to you my friend! Blessings,Nancy

Debi sa...

Monica dear,
How wonderful!! I love your pics of the tunnel dear!! No I can't say that I have been in an underwater tunnel!! Not sure I want to either haha. I have been in tunnels under the Alleghany Mountains when we went throu Pennyslvania on our way to New Hampshire on vacation! And that was really neat! So underwater... well, someday I may have to try it! :D
I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day my dear! :D
Debi xoxo

Neabear sa...

I am not sure I would be comfortable going under the sea like that. Interesting. Thank you also for participating in Sondra's Beat the Clock.

Jessica sa...

That is truly incredible! I love learning more about you~

Hugs~ J

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
What a great read. I love your pictures! I drive through the Lincoln Tunnel to get into New York City. At times the lines can be long and often traffic is stopped and that is when I mind being in there. I feel as if something happened there would be no way out! *chills*

Smilingsal sa...

You did a GREAT job of showing us the tunnel under the fjord. Thanks.