torsdag 14. mai 2009

Can you really blame me…??

Dearest friends all over…

Can you really blame me?? I have been off the blog for a while.. tired and exhausted…..and I am so sorry I have even neglected to visit you!

But you see…

I met up with family members living a six hours drive from my house…. Lucky enough they came here..

My sister and her family…. and I just love them all to bits… especially my sisters new grand-daughter.. she’s the cutest little thing.. both her parents are deaf.. our little sweety can hear, but talks sign language!!


It was so much fun getting to meet them all again.. we haven’t met since last year..

We went for a long walk and saw many old friends and neighbours at our little home town….. it was great fun!!!

Also spotted some sheep and lambs..


Isn’t he cute??


He came closer….  I think lambs are adorable creatures!!

Well… anyway.. hooking up with long “lost” family was alot of fun, and I finnally see things start to fall back to normal, as my co-workers are getting better and coming back to work! So tomorrow I have a full day off …finnally!

the weather has turned back to normal (cold) again.. and the summer temperatures are vanished! But we had great days as long as it lasted…

This coming weekend is May 17th.. and that is our national day since 1814… and May 17th has been celebrated since the end of the 1800s….

And as I told you the “bunad” will come out of peoples closets….. go here to find out more:


I will promise you that there will be photos from this day…

It’s a busy day, so I am starting to think of what to eat that day.. I will have to make it ahead… and have it ready for sunday… and there will be cake of course….

speaking of cake

My husbands eldest daughter turned 18 yesterday.. and I made her a cake

take a look at this:


How did you like that??? It’s not perfect,, but I am happy with the result!

Birthdaygirl and her boyfriend look pretty happy!


Karen 039 

These are our kids.. when they were younger.. can you spot my husbands daughter at the top??

She has been in my life since she was one year old…so she’s known me all of her life! It’s great to see her off into her own life as a grown-up… still it’s sad that time has gone by this quickly!


Well you guys.. there’s more to come from me.. but have to stop now .. it’s getting late!!

I have missed you! thanks for your patience!!

Lots of love


17 kommentarer:

~♥~ Monica S sa...

Ladies, Madams,
I'll be by tomorrow to visit your blogs... just leaving you this short note if you stop by! ;-)


Chandy sa...

You know I always look for your new posts! Glad that you are spending great moments with your loved ones!

roy/elisabeth dean sa...

I have missed you! I'm glad you were out doing fun things though. If I'm ever absent, it means something is wrong!

The lamb is beautiful!

The niece is too!

Welcome back~

Pat@Back Porch Musings sa...

Hello Monica
It's so good to hear from you. You've been very busy!

The cake is beautiful and birthday girl is gorgeous!

Justine sa...

Wow, great update Monica! On that last pic... .why is the kid on top chopped off? LOL!
I'm soooooooooooo glad you got to spend time with your sis and her family. OMG, her granddaughter is beautiful! And how cool that at that age she can sign with her parents! Amazing!
And awwwwwwwww... I want a lamb to cuddle with!

Justine :o )

raxx a day in the life sa...

Hi Monica, thanks for the update, and No, I dont blame you for being away, sometimes real life comes before cyber-life and that is just fine! Ooooh your sister's grand child is just cute as ever!! And she signs too! she'll be a smart little girl for sure, you should teach her English as well, I admire your languages so much, do you speak any other than English and your Native language?

Bye for now!!

Mrs. B. Silly sa...

Your family is beautiful and Happy Birthday to your step=daughter. The cake was beautiful!!!!!

artis1111 sa...

After seeing that cake I am hungry! It is so pretty. Yhe lamb is so cute. My hubbys family is having a reunion this summer too. Your family is lovely. Kathy

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity sa...

Monica, I have missed you! Your sister's daughter is beautiful. It's amazing what a child so young can learn. You have a beautiful family. You are so right, spring is like new life. The lamb is adorable. Have a beautiful day!
HUgs, Terrie

Ashley ~ sa...

I am SO happy for you getting to visit with family again*! There's nothing better than that*! YES, your cake looks beautiful*! You are VERY talented*! I hope you are having a very relaxing day today and taking it easy. It was great hearing from you* ((hugs))

Smilingsal sa...

You have a beautiful grand niece and that cake is amazing!

Tootsie sa...

hey sweetie...what a beautiful little girl....
I love the font you are using in your looks so pretty!
thanks for coming by and visiting me for my birthday!

Jessica sa...


It sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Your family is gorgeous & so happy. I have to say that cake looks devine....I ♥ the flowers on it....YOU my friend are talented. :)

Big hugs~ J

Gail McCormack sa...

It was lovely to catch up on your news Monica!!

You sure do have some beauties in your family!

The cake is just WONDERFUL!

Take care and I'll be looking forward to your next bit of news

Debi sa...

Ahhh Dearest Monica,
How sweet to see your sisters, nieces again. I bet it is really hard to wait a year to see each other! And your niece is very precious!! How did your husband's oldest daughter like her cake... I believe it is beautiful dear!! You are such a special person!! :D As for you lamb... I like them as long as they stay lambs, but when they grow up... well they just aren't as cute anymore!! We have some neighbors with sheep, goats, and babies of both!! I have never seen a spotted sheep before now... but they have twin babies that are white with black spots on them, and just sooooo sweet I want to go out and cuddle with them!!

Thank you my dear, for stopping by my blog my dear!! I think those house rules are something we all can live by :D I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day, and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the this weekend from you dear! Happy Celebration, and have fun wearing those Bunads!! :D
Glad to see you back again dear! :D

Tonje sa...

How nice for you to get to spend time with your family that lives far away. I'm looking forward to your pictures from 17th May... I'm really excited about it this year... it will be the firs time in several years that I'm in Norway for this special day!

Marilyn sa...

I am thinking of all my Norwegian friends today. What a wonderful celebration. Marilyn from Australia. xoxo