mandag 20. april 2009


Hello everyone!


Lately I have been very tired… and have been needing a break.. I have tried to stop by some of you from time to time… and I hope you don’t forget about me….


This weekend we spent outside most of the time, spring has come, and there are heaps of things to do with our big garden….. yesterday I had to do something I don’t really enjoy…. weeding!!!  BUT it turned out great.. so I’m satisfied! :-)


I have a feeling as summer draws closer, most of us will spend alot more time outside, rather than in front of the computor.. I know I will… but know this.. I will be back, and I will stop by whenever I have the time and feel up to it!


I truly appreciate all of you and I am so glad I have found you, you are all truly amazing ladies, and it’s so fun to see how different we all are, and yet.. we like the same things! :-)


please don’t give up on me… keep coming back to give me a little push!

I am doing fine.. everything is allright.. I have been working alot.. that’s all!


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Jessica sa...


No worries my friend we treasure you, too. Enjoy the weather and your family....spring is in the air! YEAH!

Lots of love to you~ J.

Chandy sa...

Hello and good morning Monica! I agree with you; I just finished being a prisoner to four essays as my final exams so I'm still playing catch up with everyone's posts that I missed and realized I misse a lot of people! So today, that's what I'm going to do. ;-)

Enjoy your yet to be adventures!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney sa...

Us? Forget about you? As IF!!!!!! Just do your thing and post/visit when you can. You know we'll all be waiting for more pictures, of your garden and the scenery around you as it greens from the warmer weather!

Justine :o )

artis1111 sa...

Enjoy Spring and the yard! We all know what you are feeling,Springalicious.hehe Kathy

Pat@Back Porch Musings sa...

Hello Monica
It's so good to know you are alright. Spring has come to us too, so we will also be busy outdoors. We enjoy spring!

Stephani Gorman sa...

Hi Monica~ It is a beautiful warm spring day here today! I have been working in my yard too! It feels so good to enjoy nature and all the pretty blooms! I should post a few flowers to show you! Take care and see you when we can. Hugs, Stephani

Marilyn sa...

Hi Monica. Sure do miss you when your not around :) Have a lovely time out in the sunshine, I bet your garden is starting to look good. Marilyn xoxo

Tonje sa...

No worries, Monica. Everyone is allowed to take a break now and then... especially now when the weather is getting warmer and the evenings ligher... there'll be plenty of time for blogging when autumn and winter comes round again.

Ashley ~ sa...

Just stopped by to say hello*! Get some rest and take care of yourself*! (((Hugs))) _Ashley*

Tootsie sa...

never!!!! you are far too special to forget! I am sorry I have not been on more too. I have a lot to deal with right patient...I will be here bugging you again soon!

Jill sa...

Monica,, a lot of us have been taking a break lately. Every once and while we all need to!

I will always be here! :)

Jessica sa...

Just came by to say hello~ hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!

Big hugs from me~ J