tirsdag 3. november 2009

seasons are changing….

It seems like yesterday I was looking forward to summer and warmer days! NOW the summer is over and Christmas is just around the corner.. the stores are filling up their shelves with christmas decor,  paper-napkins with x-mas decor, candles, dolls and santas!!! where did summer go??? and what happened to fall???? urgh! TIME  FLIES!!!!!

Oh well, I guess we just have to follow the season and be happy!!

So I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane with you, and show you some summer photos as promised!


This one is taken from my kitchen window, and I really enjoy this view!!


This is ME relaxing outside! ;-) still waiting for summer to kick in!

SO, summer came, and off we went on a looong drive to visit my sisters in laws houses….


after driving for two days, we were finally there


YAY!! that’s our car in front of one of the sis-in-laws house.


Mid-summer, we light bonfires and have a barbeque with friends and family, this year we were at my husbands sisters house, and had alot of fun!





Right smack in the middle of nowhere it seems… hehe

Still.. we were just a few minutes from  their house!  A lovely place!

Only problem with being out this late at night  are all the mosquitos!!! I HATE them!

yes, it was late at night, although it seems like day-time photos…. rememeber this is the land of the midnight-sun!!! And the further north you go, the more sun you have during the night.. during summer that is… during winter, they have alot less sun!!!!

**** to be continued***


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artis1111 sa...

Love th photos!!! I am getting ready for Cjhristmas!!!Already been shopping.I have orders for some paintings for people too.Kathy

Rue sa...

Gorgeous pictures Monica! I had forgotten that you had sun at night during the summer. Parts of Alaska are the same way, so I've heard.

Glad to see you posting again!!


Anonym sa...
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Anonym sa...

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~♥~ Monica S sa...

please!! No more commercial comments, I am not interested!!!!!!

Anonym sa...

nice post. thanks.