torsdag 16. juli 2009

A tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

What can you say that hasn’t already been said??

first and foremost, I hope those that own the rights to the photos I am using will forgive me..


I never was a Michael Jackson fan… I LOVE his music, as I loved Motown music growing up.. and I still do!!! Motown music is GREAT!


But.. here’s the thing

When I heard the tragic news of his death.. I just couldn’t believe it… I guess the whole world was in shock!

I watched the memorial on TV


I have watched a couple of concerts on TV since….


I have heard MORE about him now than I have ever heard before… and I am in Aw! over all the good deeds this man has done for the world and the children on it.

It has left me with many feelings that I never even knew I had for the man.

I wish I had known him!!!

I really do!!!!

Just look at his beautiful SMILE



it can melt a heart of stone

He truly was beautiful!

I have always believed that he has told the truth, somehow I have a feeling that people have been accusing him of things trying to get some money off of him… nomatter what it takes…. if it ruins his life.. so what?? People can be crule when it comes to money! REALLY crule!

I have always believed that he turned white because he was sick.. I know several people with the same diagnosis. And I have always defended him on that… even if it wouldn’t matter to either him or me wether I did or not… hehe

I just don’t like false accusations!


it has been with us all.. if we like it or not, we have all danced to his music. I have several of his early albums…. because of my love for Motown music…

My alltime favorite must be BEN, it is sooo beautiful!


We are the world

is a good number two in my book… and there are soo many good songs, with meaningful and great lyrics… it tells us alot about what he was thinking and what occupied his thoughts.


He was great.. a wonderful and misunderstood person with a great big heart…

and it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white… for anyone, and definately not in his case… WHY should it matter to us at all what color he was?? It’s what’s inside that matters isn’t it??


He loved animals and his NEVERLAND

he had his own little Peter Pan world where time stood still and he could be what he wanted to be!


Even if he had a great big watch there.. hehe!

I know personally that I am going to miss him….

I just hope he is at peace now!

You were loved Michael!!

******rest in peace******


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Laura Ingalls Gunn sa...

What a beautiful tribute! Your feelings are shared by so many all over the world!

SmilingSally sa...

Many agree with you.

Shelia sa...

Hi Monica! Oh, this was a very nice tribute to Michael. I think he had a troubled life - never being able to be the child he should have been. One thing really bothered me at his funeral, I watched it too and cried, his father! Did you notice he had on a little hat and never took it off! I thought how disrespectful of his son. That in itself showed me, his father did not love his son the way he should have. Any one on the street knows you take your hat off to show respect.
Be a sweetie and it so good to see you post! I've missed you!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Justine sa...

I was also struck by the tragic news. But do I think he turned white from a sickness? NO WAY. Maybe if it stopped at that I could believe it, but look at what the man did to his FACE! I think he was sick, but mentally, not physically.

Justine :o )

Jessica sa...

Lovely tribute Monica~ I too was glued to the tv. I grew up on Michael Jackson....I danced for over 20 years and he is the one that brought dancing out in people. That to me is sensational.

I've missed you my friend!


Jill sa...

Hi Monica,
This was a great tribute to MJ.
I myself have always been a huge fan of his. When I was a child I was in love with him. I used to walk around with my white sparkly glove on one hand.
I just can't believe he's gone.

Stephani Gorman sa...

Hi Monica, My favorite would have to be "Thriller". What an awesome vidio!
Hope you are having a beautiful Summer! hugs, Stephani

Tootsie sa...

I feel bad for this man simply because he lived such a tragic and lonely life from the start. He was always surrounded in a swarm of controversy and his death is no different. I just hope he can rest in peace.

Tootsie sa...

now...I have missed you my friend!

Jessica sa...


Where have you been hiding? I MISS you~ so glad you came by!

Hugs~ J

Karen sa...

Hi Monica,
What a lovely tribute to Michael Jackson. Like most people I was shocked by his death also. I know so many negitive things followed him in this life. I hope he is now in peace.

Debi sa...

Monica dear,
You have given everyone alot to think about in your wonderful tribute!! Including me!! I would like to tell you thank YOU!!!

I hope all is well with you and yours!! I noticed it has been a while between posts, and am hoping that is just because life goes about us sooo quickly that sometimes we can't get all done in a 24 hour day. Looking forward to hearing from you again my dear.
Sending all of our love to your beautiful home and your family!!
Love your friend!!
Debi xoxo

Anonym sa...

Ja, sannsynligvis sa det er